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Unusual light rising from Martian surface

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    The following article contains several NASA photographs of light apparently emanating outward from the surface of Mars a short distance from the rover vehicle.

    Currently, there is no official explanation from NASA.

    But before leaping to the conclusion that the light is artificial and comes from an underground civilization as this article does, it is perhaps better explained as a cosmic ray hitting the camera.

    Also recall that scientists have recently affirmed similar lights on Earth originating prior to and during earthquake events. In brief, it is explained that pressures within rock formations cause charge separation and ionization which result in glowing particles releasing into the atmosphere.
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    The rover actually shoots images in “stereo,” with one on the left and another on the right, and the right-hand camera captured a similar phenomenon two days in a row while the left-hand camera did not record the strange light.

    An imaging specialist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said this suggested cosmic rays caused the mystery light.

    “The fact that it’s in one ‘eye’ but not the other means it’s an imaging artifact and not a real ‘thing’ in the terrain. Period,” said Doug Ellison, the NASA expert.
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