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Unwillingness to Accept Science

  1. May 29, 2009 #1
    I'm really tired of having to defend myself against what is clearly junk science. Worse, after posting links which shows its junk science, people persist on claiming otherwise and making statements about how they refuse to believe what is presented to them and other, for a lack of a better word, stupid off the cuff remarks and analogies that have nothing to do with the point of scientific matter being discussed.

    Science isnt a debate about what's the right or wrong answer. The answer is found through studies. In this thread, studies showed Cancer is not caused by EMF fields, and despite this fact I find myself in mind numbing arguments with people who choose not to believe this fact.

    Argh.....................ARGHHHHHHHHHH. Let's raise the bar here when it comes to real issues of science. I have no patience for people spounting quakery science anymore becaue it is (a)dishonest and (b) a lack of academic integrity.

    For crying out loud, I gave a link to the NIH. What more do you want?

    Please, LOCK these kinds of threads. Say this is 'JUNK SCIENCE' thread closed, the same way you do it to threads about perpetual motions machines and threads about airplanes on conveyor belts.
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    I can understand your frustration but I'm not sure it's a good idea to do what you suggest mainly because of the relatively large number of people who read the threads and who learn what the current scientific thinking is.If a respondent continues to spout what you call junk science and is not able to justify what they write then yes,locking is probably the best option.And please let us keep perpetual motion machines when they are presented as a challenge to find the reason why they don't work.They can be fun.
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    No, perptual motion machine threads are locked instantly because they dont serve any purpose and the people who build them will argue with you ad nausem why it will work. No matter what you say or do, they think they can build free energy devices.

    No matter what I say or do, people think EMF causes cancer. :rolleyes:
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    Cyrus, if you PM me a list of all the topics that you don't like we can make sure that they are never discussed. :grumpy:
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    Hoot, do we debate about perpetual motion machines on the forums? Do we even let these thread continue after the first post? Do we let anti global warming threads go on, after they show lack of any evidence?

    So why is there any exception here.
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    Its because you're being completely irrational, arrogant and above all annoying. You posted links showing EMFs not causing cancer. People posted links showing EMFs causing cancer. But instead of letting your evidence speak for itself you became incredibly rude to voice your opinion.

    The topic is not as easy as a yes or no. There are a huge number of factors, mechanisms that we may not understand yet. To say definitively that EMFs have completely no effect on people is not proper science considering the unknowns.
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    Sigh.......no. You are wrong on every level possible. The entire premise that EMF causes cancer is flawed. The EMF was not found, but blamed to cause on cancer. Then when people went back and actually studied this cause/effect, no such link was found. It was thrown out for the junk science that it is.

    To say what you said in bold is dishonest, given the credible links I provided you. There are not a possible "huge" number of mechanisms linking EMF to cancer - stop saying this. No one found any mechanisms after 17+ years.

    You are making up science as you post.
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    We already have an open thread discussing the relation of EMF fields to cancer.

    Thread locked.
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