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News US and Japan education differences

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    Which one gives you better education ?
    I don't knowanything about US and Japan, could someone tell me about them ?

    By the way, which one do you think has more racists ? In UK, there are also a lot of gangs, and sure those are all racists.
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    Again, too general. How much do you want to spend, do you want an all boys, all girls, co-ed? Do you want a small school a big school. I dont think this falls under politics or world affairs.
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    I'm pretty positive that the average American education is far behind either the UK or Japan. Between those two I'd hazard a guess that Japan probably has better education but that's just a guess. Maybe I should look up figures.

    As far as racism I know that there are still some very racist people here in the US but it has gotten far better than it used to be. Unless ofcourse you consider the majority of white people to be closet racists or subconsciously racist like alot of equal rights people think.
    The UK, I have no idea though I'd be inclined to believe they are probably better than the US in that regard.
    The Japanese used to be incredibly racist but I think they have gotten much better since so I'mn not too sure about them either.
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    That same link has information on racism for several countries and regions. I have to go now so I can't look up the education stats at the moment.
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    If The USA wants to be the leader of a global economy, I think this topic definitly falls under Politics and world affairs.


    U.S. High School Seniors


    As for racism, if keeping minority students boxed up in inferior inner city schools counts, then we have pleanty of that too.
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    Based on living in the US and frequently visiting UK (and Europe) and Japan over many years, I would say they are probably about the same.

    I have seen homeless and poor in all three countries, I have seen similar crimes committed in all three countries, I have seen gangs and racist gangs in all three countries, and I have seen poverty as well as great wealth, and great disparity among citizens in all three countries.

    I see no real difference except for the languages and cultures, i.e. I have seen the same societal problems and the same suffering in every country I have visited.
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    Good advert for the UK Rotan72!!!

    I'm from Scotland and I don't see much racism here. The places where racial tension seems to flair are places where our government has placed the poverty stricken immigrant communities amongst the poverty stricken indidgenous population. ONe thinks the other gets better treatment..leads to problems (Bradford etc).I've never seen gangs of racists roaming the streets.

    I work for a Japanese company and they are racist. Anyone who is not Japanese no matter their position in the company seems to be considered lower class. Especially some of our contractors from other Asian countries.

    Been to The US countless times and spoke to countless ethnicities. There is a huge undercurrent of racial tension in that country....you only need to look at New Orleans.

    And the winner of the Best Education award goes to.......Japan!
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    I am not sure which one would people 'fairly' because there will always be individuals or groups of people treating others differently everywhere, they are conservative, always jealous, selfish, and -not-knowledgeable-

    One current big problem I see is that US is like a discrete math problem. People outside say US is full of "individualism", the people are agressive, rude too, they hate American people I can see it in their voice and eyes, and even their broadcasted TV programs. No one says it straight but does kind of educate their peoples in a way, politically and spritually speaking, to spit saliva on other people's face.
    To explain why I say 'discrete', I can say it is due to selective pressures, I think, from a population that is composed of originally different ethnicities and surely an urge to group them up is completely absurd and out of place. But on the other hand, such a diversity becomes benefitial as it creates an environment for mutual interactions, competition, leading to the development of science and technology which on an average scale i think, US is still a leader.

    Some people say humanity is to help people, some say it is to do things fairly and morally, but I always try to remind me that I do have two faces...
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    jimmy p

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    Lol yeah. As far as I am aware and have read/seen on the news, there is quite a lot of racist tension in Birmingham, but other than that you don't hear that much, and if it is on the news it is because it happens infrequently and is a big thing.
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    I think i have to say the english has the worst education system in the world. Only one in five english school students go for a college degree. That is why the leaders of you country is trying to reform the english school system.

    obviously, the answer is america. We have a relatively large population( relative to england, japan) so the count adds up.
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