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Use of Loctite on Helicoils

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    We have a customer who insist's on applying loctite on screws before installing them in standard M2.5 Helicoil STI holes. The problem is if they need to remove the screw the Helicoil comes out with the screw. We have recommended that they make a change to the drawing to call out for locking Helicoils but it would appear they have ignored this advise. We end up re-installing new Helicoils which is a logistical nightmare as the customer is in singapore.

    Question: Is there any documentation I can get my hands on to convince them that Loctite should not be used on Helicoils they may need to be removed at some point in the future. I have contacted Helicoil and while they will tell you not to do it they have no documentation to support the position, they just make the same recommendation that we do, to switch to locking Helicoils.

    Any help would be welcome

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    Quote Helicoil's recommendation, or commission a test to prove that Loctite isn't necessary.
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    Ranger Mike

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    use loctite thread locker RED 271 to permanently lock the helicoil
    use loctite thread locker Blue 242 on bolt as this is used where disassembly to service is required but still want to "lock " the bolt in
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