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Useful ipad apps for physics majors?

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    At this point, I have about $45 credit in my iTunes account from gift cards given to me for Christmas. I was wondering if there are any useful apps out there that I can get for physics? Whether they are good now for while I am in college, good for work in the field post-college, or both. For apps that might be sub-field specific, my current focus is high-energy astrophysics.

    I have looked around, but haven't found anything that seemed that great. There were lots of reference apps, but I can easily find all of that for free online and through my courses. If there were one that were really comprehensive and worth it, I'd definitely consider, but most of them seem to have so few reviews (or bad ones) that I just wasn't sure.

    Here is a list of the ones I have already:
    1) Quickoffice - useful for editing my .docs on the go
    2) Goodreader - preferred reader since I can bookmark, etc (though I use quickoffice for .docs)
    3) Adobe Reader - I use this for slower-loading PDFs (Goodreader can sometimes slow to a crawl)

    As you can see, I don't have any that are physics specific, just ones that I use for studies, ebooks, personal notes, etc. Oh, and I do have Mathematica on my computer, so I didn't see the point in paying for it on an app as well. I also have a couple free physics apps, but none that I have found that useful. If anyone has any really useful ones, I'd appreciate it.
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    Some apps that I have that are related to physics one way or another:
    - distant suns (astronomy app)

    for math:
    - pocket cas (symbolic math and graphing of results)
    - myscript calculator (handwritten expression numerically evaluated)
    - MathPad (convert handwritten expression into latex or image)
    - graphcalc( like a TI graphing calculator)

    for programming:
    - pythonista (useful for pytho-based computer simulations or games or multi-touch apps)
    - codea (similar but based on Lua, very cool)
    - textastic programmer's editor (supports java, c/c++, ruby, python... with colorizing)

    for artwork:
    - procreate (best painting app)
    - inkpad (vector graphics drawing app)
    - sketchtime (simple but useful drawing app)

    for notetaking:
    - noteshelf (create notebooks from photos, drawings ... and export pdfs)
    - inkflow (similar to noteshelf but with a cool lasso/rotate/resize/delete feature)
    - inkredible (great multi-touch gesturing to edit a drawing)
    - noteability ( can record audio while you take notes)

    for reports, documents, presentations and papers:
    - Apple Pages (word processor)
    - Apple Keynote (presentation)
    - Apple Numbers (spreadsheet)

    - tips and tricks of the ipad app (categorized tips and tricks that you probably overlooked)
    - flipboard (magazine format for news... has wired, tech crunch, maker and other channels)
    - wikipanion (wikipedia app with offline content saving and add to the queue for later reading features)
    - azul (the vlc like app for ipad)
    - ted talks app
    - osmos game app (cool app with simulated waterworld style physics)
    - iThoughts (mindmapping and info organizing app)

    Lastly, I originally had gotten the SpaceTime app now known as MathStudio but was put off when the developer abandoned his client base when he renamed the app to MathStudio and forced everyone to buy MathStudio.

    To be fair you should check it out yourself. The app has some powerful features but be aware it isnt MATLAB on the iPad and the PocketCAS app does much of the same stuff:


    This bait and switch sometimes happens on iTunes but you can google for how to get Apple to refund your app purchase if you feel you've been cheated or the app was bought in error (some 5 yr old went on an app buying spree after his dad bought a game for him because his iTunes login was still valid for 15 mins and chalked upto to $1500 in apps)
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    Thanks for the list. I'll be sure to check that stuff out soon!
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