Using a Vaporizer for Cigarettes?

  1. Hey, I just wanted to know if there are any extra risks for smoking cigarettes out of a vaporizer.

    Would it extract most of the nicotine and leave the "bad" stuff, or vice versa?

    Any input is welcome:)
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  3. Depending on how accurate and stable your device is, it can in fact extract much of the nicotine without releasing most of the compounds associated with combustion. As for TSCs, and benzene or other nasty things... I'm not sure, not to mention that you'd still be addicted to nicotine... not the nicest thing in the world. You'd still get most or all of the Polonium 210 there... eh. Tobacco in general, especially as it's grown and cured in modern times, is nasty nasty stuff.

    Still, if you used something like the Volcano, or a medical volatilizer... you'd be in BETTER shape than smoking. For one, you don't have the intake of particulate from combustion, CO, and a certainly a measure of benzene and others PAHs, along with a lot of the tar. Do be careful however, often these devices have become associated with the use of marijuana, which, while I have no personal issue with that... has legal baggage varying on region. You don't want to be innocently using this for tobacco and have 'paraphernalia' issues arise.
  4. Haha don't worry about the legality of this. I don't have it because I want to smoke tobacco:biggrin:. I also live in Canada so you pretty much have to be trafficking if you want to run into trouble.

    Thanks for the info.
  5. Excellent, in that case let me just say this: 360 Farenheit to start, don't go higher than 390... diminishing returns. Go for multiple passes too...

    ...Hypothetically of course.

    Hypothetically, it the case of non-tobacco, you have an even wider range between the point at which desired compounds "volatilize", and unwanted release of hydrocarbons such as Benzene. You also nearly eliminate tar, and... it's just fantastic. I recommend snagging a good one too... the cheap ones will just burn your... herbal supplents.
  6. Haha agreed.
  7. I have a friend who changed from smoking, to exlusively vaporizing... lung function improved, BP fell... anecdoataly and from some limited studies, it is a VAST improvement for your health. I'm glad you're making the move!
  8. Yeah definitely. My friend had the same vaporizer that I just bought, and he swore by it. He said you save a bunch of money, although my lungs were the primary reason for buying it. (precautionary measure since I'm 20 and have yet to develop any lung problems).
  9. He's right, definitely more effective at the extraction of... nicotine... and stuff.
  10. Yeah, its a different experience altogether. The buzz is much lighter, and there is less of a burnout I'm finding. Which really only seems to make me want to smoke more...
  11. I do agree, but that's still closer than any other substitute I've tried. We don't know the long term impact on health so one should remain cautious about these vaporizer, but it's hard to believe it's not far better than smoke.
  12. I would recommend you try an e cigarette. it basically vaping like you are only there is no chance you will get anything but nicotine, water vapour, and maybe some flavouring. And it looks just like a cigarette!
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