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Using numbers as markers in excel.

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    I'm modelling the Diesel cycle using excel and I'd like to have the 4 different states numbered on my P-v diagram. I can mark these four points using shapes, but I'm not sure how to do it using numbers instead of these markers. Can this be done?
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    you can add a text box wherever you want one

    you can select the series, add data labels; then, select the data labels (one click), then, click again on the one data label you want to modify, then, click in the formula bar and type your desired label in there, press enter.

    my 2 cents but I am a pretty ignorant excel non-user
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    Adding the text box won't work as the data can be changed by the user so the graph points may move, thus moving away from the text boxes. I've tried the second way and that doesn't really do anything. I may not be doing it properly though. Inputting a label in the formula bar doesn't output anything to the graph.
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    1.-go to graph
    2.-click on series once to select it
    3.-right-click and pick "Add Data Labels"
    4.-click on any data label to select ALL data labels
    5.-click once more on a single data label so that only that one remains selected
    6.-click on the formula bar and enter the new label, press enter
    7.-single click on the next data label, go back to 6
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