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V required for electroplating Cu on Fe

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    For a school project, I need to electroplate copper on an iron nail with copper sulphate solution.
    How much voltage electricity will I need for this experiment?
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    With the help of other sources, I now know that 3 9V batteries will do.But I would also like to know approximately how much time will be taken.
    Can anyone help me?
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    Sure thing. I would ask Faraday about his electrolysis laws and Nernst about his equation.
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    If you start the experiment and measure the current you should be able to work out how many grams are going to be deposited per hour assuming the current stays constant for that time. From the geometry of the nail you should be able to estimate its surface area, and therefrom the thickness per gram. How even it is in practice and how thick it needs to be before you would consider it electroplated - how thick it needs to be to be visible i don't know. I'd guess in a day you'd see something.

    If you do it come back and tell us!
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