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Variable frequency drive for high speed spindle

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    I operate a CNC router table with a high speed spindle. I'm looking to upgrade to a new spindle but need to know if the variable frequency drive I currently have will work with this new spindle.

    The new spindle has the following stats: 300Hz, 1kw, 18000RPM.

    The frequency drive is made by LS Industrial Systems - Starvert SV008IC5-1F

    The info on their website suggests that this particular drive can reach 400HZ, but I’m not sure about the other details, especially whether or not 1kw is too high.

    More info is available using this link:


    Any advice would be welcome.
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    Cool to see another CNC person here, I've did my own X2 CNC Mill conversion recently.

    The "008" of "SV008IC5-1F" says it's 0.75 kw time to upgrade to get those faster IPM speeds.

    btw have you tried CNCzone.com before, people there are good at answering CNC stuffs like this.
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    I'm wondering if the 0.75KW motor rating - as shown in the PDF manual - relates to the motor within the frequency drive, and not it's output. Does anyone know if a frequency drive has a motor? My knowledge of these devices is quite poor.
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    The specs indicate the rating for the motor being driven. Looks like the model you are considering (SV008IC5-1F) would drive a 1 HP (0.75kW) load. If your spindle motor is rated at 1kW then I would consider something a little larger; maybe the SV015IC5-1F.
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