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Variation of Internal Temperature with external temperature in a sphere

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    http://www.cdeep.iitb.ac.in/nptel/Mechanical/Heat%20and%20Mass%20Transfer/Conduction/Module%202/main/2.6.3.html" [Broken]

    Kindly see the above link

    I will be placing a temperature sensor in the hollow area and insulate the outer surface(with lets say Plaster of paris)....I will place a fire outside....I need to know how the temperature varies inside.....i.e Ts,2 Vs Ts,1......{in matlab}ill give Ts,2 as the input....i need to plot Ts,2 Vs Ts,1....but the problem is that Q also varies.....so how do i find out the temperature variation inside as the external temperature increases.....

    Thank you for your time....kindly help
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    So are you asking for an equation that will tell you the inside surface temperature based on what the outside temperature is at steady state?
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    Thank you for the time....i found out the answer with transient heat conduction equation...
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