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Vector Calculus by Marsden and Tromba vs. Vector Analysis by Brand

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    Hi. I have heard that the marsden and Tromba book is not very rigorous. Is this true? I seek a vector book that is something proof intensive. I took vector analysis b4 with a book called vector calculus by Susan colley, I am looking for something more rigorous than this. Anyone read vector analysis by Louis brand? Seems hard to find a good vector book without doing into differential forms. Thanks.
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    Hi all. I went ahead and ordered the analysis book by Brand, it was only 10 bucks. How about the Marsden and Tromba book? Is it rigourous and proof oriented? Thanks.
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    From what I was told, Marsden and Tromba is not considered to be rigorous and proof oriented. Why don't you check out Advanced Calculus by Loomis and Sternburg?
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