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Venturi, Orifice and Nozzle

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    Hello everyone. When I try to do mass flow systematic uncertainty estimation for venturi nozzle and orifice, I am getting the biggest error from venturi nozzle. What is the reason for it? ( Why coefficient of velocity of venturi nozzle is too big compared to orifice and nozzle.)
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    jim hardy

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    i am unfamiliar with "coefficient of velocity".
    Did you mean perhaps "discharge coefficient " cd ?
    see http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/orifice-nozzle-venturi-d_590.html
    cd IS larger for a venturi than for an orifice.

    What do you mean by error ?
    A question well stated is half answered.
    Without knowing your test setup, the results you expected and those you got,
    how could anyone do anything but serve you up a word salad??

    ASME publishes a most excellent reference , titled simply "Fluid Meters"
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