What is Venturi: Definition and 111 Discussions

Robert Charles Venturi Jr. (June 25, 1925 – September 18, 2018) was an American architect, founding principal of the firm Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates, and one of the major architectural figures of the twentieth century.
Together with his wife and partner, Denise Scott Brown, he helped shape the way that architects, planners and students experience and think about architecture and the built environment. Their buildings, planning, theoretical writings, and teaching have also contributed to the expansion of discourse about architecture.
Venturi was awarded the Pritzker Prize in Architecture in 1991; the prize was awarded to him alone, despite a request to include his equal partner, Scott Brown. Subsequently, a group of women architects attempted to get her name added retroactively to the prize, but the Pritzker Prize jury declined to do so. Venturi is also known for having coined the maxim "Less is a bore", a postmodern antidote to Mies van der Rohe's famous modernist dictum "Less is more". Venturi lived in Philadelphia with Denise Scott Brown. He is the father of James Venturi, founder and principal of ReThink Studio.

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  1. S

    How to select a pump for a venturi injector?

    I'm building a fertigation system using 1 inch venturi injector with ball valve at the end to simulate drip irrigation system pressure requirement. i have read to start an injection you need 30% pressure difference between injector inlet and outlet. the pressure I'm simulating is around 10 meter...
  2. nicolas1409

    B Question about a vacuum ejector (vacuum pump using the Venturi effect)

    I have a vacuum ejector and with a suction cup that drops items. think maybe it could be a pressure drop. but what happens if a vacuum ejector gets less pressure, does it suck less? know it's something with bernoulis
  3. K

    Using compressed air through a venturi pump to suck oil?

    Hello, was wondering if I could pass compressed air through a venturi pump to pull floating oil from a tank? If yes, how do I control the eventual mixing of oil with the air from the outlet end? The requirement is given to me by one of my clients who wants an easy, and low-cost solution to...
  4. G

    Derive the Venturi Meter eqn from the Bernoulli eqn

    Advanced apologies for this format; I am posting my question as an the image b/c the Latex is being very buggy with me, and I lost a kind of lengthy post to it. Can anyone show me what I am doing wrong? I have attached a pdf version for easier reading if need be.
  5. T

    Venturi effect or Coanda effect or a combination of both in this windmill?

    I have recently find this video and just curious about the working principle behind this concentrated windmill. Apparently it seems that the basic principle is Venturi effect but the shape of the entry point is more suitable for Coanda effect with its curved surface at the entry. And it's also...
  6. T

    Venturi Effect based thought experiment

    The drawing above is regarding a thought experiment of mine. Air at ambient pressure is being blown through a convergent-divergent nozzle and in the throat section, a water filled enclosed container is attached through a tube. The water container has sufficient surface area for supplying...
  7. J

    Is a Venturi Suction the Solution for Low Pressure in a Centrifugal Pump System?

    Good day I am trying to use a venturi across a centrifugal pump. The pressure at suction side is about 2 bar and the discharge pressure about 6 to 7 bar. This pump supply drippers and the delivery is about 180 cub/h. I need to inject entrainment air into the suction side and try to use a...
  8. kunalvanjare

    Problem with my Venturi operated Drum Vac

    Hey guys, I have built a Compressed air venturi operated Drum Pump for my garage. The system consists of a horizontal venturi tube with a pipe (shut-off tube) that is inserted into the Drum. Turning on the venturi creates vacuum in the drum and thus liquid is sucked from outside and is collected...
  9. kunalvanjare

    A portable Venturi Vac system?

    Hello, We make a Venturi vacuum system for recovering CNC coolant from the swarf trolley. It is a simple arrangement consisting of a venturi tube tee'd off the coolant pump and a stand-off placed at the bottom of the swarf trolley with a filter disc. Now the problem with this system is that it...
  10. M

    Flow/pressure and venturi question

    Hello there, first post. I am a machinist trying to figure out the following problem, and getting lost in the process. Ok, I have a 1/2" square aluminum tube, 3/8" square inside...48" long, and one end is capped off, and the other, I am planning on welding in an air fitting to induce...
  11. T

    Experimental proof of Venturi Effect

    Venturi effect is known for centuries. And most probably that's why experimental proofs are rare because it's already accepted. But, I want to know how close real results are in case of experiments regarding Venturi Effect. I am especially interested in results of experiment regarding velocity...
  12. Teeg

    Volumetric Flow Rate through a Venturi Meter

    Hi, I have designed a simple Venturi meter to measure pressure differential across to section of the pipe as pictured. However in calculations I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. I am trying to calculate Volumetric flow rate in L/s. I am using Bernoulli Equation of the Venturi meter as...
  13. kunalvanjare

    Venturi injector suction not adequate

    Hey guys, we've been tasked with providing solutions for reducing coolant consumption by our client using automation. One of those is a system to reclaim the coolant dripped off of the chips from a Chip Trolley in a CNC Machine. Around 15-20 Litres of coolant+water emulsion is wasted everyday...
  14. M

    Venturi Ejector Air Flow Mechanics

    Hi, I am trying to figure out the strength of the various type of airflow for my Venturi ejector device. Please refer to my diagram that illustrates scenario A or scenario B. The SAME amount of compressed air is injected for both scenario A and B. For simplicity, I have added to an electrical...
  15. nohappy

    The Venturi Effect cannot explain how an eductor works

    I've google all the keywords like "eductor", "ejector", "Venturi pump". All of them are the mechanism or applications that utilize "Venturi Effect". All of them are trying to explain the "suction effect" by saying that restriction area makes the fluid's velocity higher and hence lower pressure...
  16. H

    B Boyle's law vs the Venturi effect

    So this is something I been thinking about. In venturi principle when a fluid or gas is moving across a tube when it is constricted the fluid has increased velocity. Because it in constriction the pressure goes down. But in Boyle law if volume is decreased the pressure goes up. So in the...
  17. D

    Venturi pipe in engine exhaust flow

    I would appreciate opinions on this...on which setup would create the best vacuum in an exhaust gas stream? The #1 drawing is a pipe that has a birds eye cut in it. These are sold for engine crankcase exhaust ventilation. There are some that say they work, then others that say they don't work...
  18. Kai G

    I Optimizing Venturi Effect in Hyperboloid Tower Construction

    What are the ideal dimensions of a hyperboloid tower that would maximize the venturi effect started by thermal updraft from human body heat (assuming previous physical activity on a hot day)? Given a 40ft base, how large should the skirt be and how high off the ground? A vertically symmetrical...
  19. sturle

    How does a vacuum ejector using air work?

    Hello I`m working on a vacuum project, and I am trying to understand how the vacuum ejector I am using works. I understant the basic principle of how it works, but can anybody here try to explain the concept in detail, taking into consideration that I am using air? Most of the stuff i find...
  20. T

    I How does a faucet use the Venturi principle

    I've noticed that a slight opening of the faucet releases less water which makes sense intuitively but I don't notice an increase in velocity. Since a slight opening in the stopper would be a convergence in cross sectional area. Am I missing something? I read about resistance affect but still...
  21. D

    How to Calculate E-Balance for a Jet Ejector?

    I am working on problem that has to deal with a jet ejector. For the life of me, I cannot figure out the E-Balance equation for it. Below is a cut away image of the ejector. The fluid is the same so using the ideal gas law I do not think should be included. Any help is greatly appreciated...
  22. Sundog

    I Understanding the Venturi Effect

    I know that the Venturi effect creates an area of higher fluid velocity with a lower pressure. However I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around this. I would think that if a fluid passes through a contricted area, pressure would increase. Can someone explain?
  23. O

    Understanding the Venturi Effect: Solving Equations for Ideal Liquid Flow

    Hello everyone :) I was given a problem reguarding Venturi effect. By a coincidence, I found a youtube video which solves the same question, but I didn't undersand one of its equations. The problem: There is this pipe system of flowing ideal liquid. The cross-sections A1 and A2 are given...
  24. M

    Bernoulli's equation, Venturi effect, hydraulic head, nozzle

    Hi, I have this problem: I have a vertical tube 1 meter D, in the bottom end there is a nozzle with 0,5 m D. The tube is full of water. the tube length is 10 meters and the nozzle length is 2 meters. I need to calculate the power of this by this equation: W = Q * g * h * p where W is watt, Q...
  25. W

    B Maximizing venturi vacuum pump

    I have a venturi gas vacuum pump on the the end of an exhaust as an example. The exhaust spills out at 2.5cfm and 2 lbs. On a average of venturi efficiency, how much cfm at what pressure (or ratio alike) would be needed to eject the exhaust gas to near vacuem? As a secondary question, what would...
  26. HethensEnd25

    Calculating Water Flow Using a Venturi Meter

    Homework Statement A 4 inch to 1 inch diameter venturi meter is used to measure water flow and it has a mercury manometer deflection of 1 inch. What is the discharge through the four inch diameter pipe? Homework Equations Bernoulli Equation, manometer formula The Attempt at a Solution Thus...
  27. P

    Venturi meter pressure difference

    Homework Statement Homework Equations p=ρgh Q=A1U1=A2U2 Bernoulli: p1+½ρU12+ρgz1=p2+½ρU22+ρgz2 The Attempt at a Solution [/B] So I got that the pressure difference is gh(ρm-ρ). So I rearranged Bernoulli for p1-p2 to get (assuming the potential is the same I eliminated it)...
  28. W

    Calculations involving a Forced Venturi system

    I have a model venturi I've created useing a air compressor letting the compressed air out of a small nozzle at the end of the air hose attached to the compressor. The nozzle is placed within a pipe causing the release of air directly torward the right of the pipe then to atmosphere leaving very...
  29. W

    I Carbureted Engines: Altitude Effects Explained

    I’ve been trying to understand why a carbureted engine runs richer with altitude. I understand there is not as much power since less dense air results less mass charge and that oxygen percentage is lower at higher altitudes. Since a venturi’s drop in pressure is given generally by the...
  30. Metals

    What is the relationship between fluid pressure and the Venturi effect?

    So I recently looked into the venturi effect, only to be confused. I had always been aware that a lower available volume would result in a higher pressure, yet I had read that fluid passing through a constriction is actually subjected to less pressure than the diverging sides of a pipe. I had...
  31. G

    Is the Reverse of Bernoulli's Principle True in Venturi Outflow Pressure?

    Can anyone tell me if the reverse of Bernoulli's principal is true, in other words if I go from a smaller diameter pipe to a large pipe does the pressure increase? Applying this to a Venturi tube if I go from a large pipe to a smaller pipe and add an inlet that adds mass due to the suction...
  32. F

    How Do You Calculate Head Loss in a Venturi Meter Using Bernoulli's Equation?

    Homework Statement A venturi meter is being calibrated horizontally and has a diameter of 75mm at the entrance and 50mm at the throat . The flow rate is obtained by measuring the time required to collect certain amount of water . The average number of measurement gives 0.614m^3 of water in...
  33. A

    Design a Venturi Pump with Compressed Air and Water: Feasibility & Parameters

    I am trying to develop a Ventury https://www.physicsforums.com/javascript: Pump using Compressed Air a d Motive Fluid and Suction Fluid is Water from Shallow Well. Compressed Air parameter is 6CFM Air at 7 bar using 2hp Motor & Compressor set, and required Suction Lift is about 5m. Discharge...
  34. D

    Exploring Venturi Pipe Pressures

    Look at my picture. I understand venturi pipe when water is flowing...What if we close both entrance and exit of venturi pipe . Will all 3 pressures be equal.
  35. J

    Hydraulics, venturi flume questions

    Homework Statement A venturi flume is formed in a horizontal rectangular channel 1.2m wide by locally constricting the channel to a width of 0.9m and raising the floor level through the constriction by a height of 0.2m. If the flow is 0.45 m3/s and a hydraulic jump forms downstream, calculate...
  36. S

    Wish to understand the Venturi Effect WRT cooling

    Not a physics student -- but was thinking about how the A/C system works in a vehicle. First surprise was that pressure drops when a tube narrows. Seemed counter-intuitive as I was picturing taking a balloon and squeezing it -- would the pressure in the middle be lower than the ends? Then again...
  37. Y

    Design of an 'open' venturi water pump

    Hello For my study I'm making a specific design I'm trying to design a ballast chamber which i want to empty with a venturi pump I attached a schematic image of the idea Through pipe A a liquid is pumped with around 150m3/h through a 6'' pipe. The pipe is narrowed at the end, with a space...
  38. N

    Does a compressed spring create work?

    A venture airvalve is a mechanical device which for a given valve position results in a constant flow independent of inlet pressure (within a given range). If pressure increases, flow increases resulting in a low pressure in the throat of the venture which sucks the plunger in thereby reducing...
  39. P

    Non-steady suction induced by Venturi Injector

    This is not really homework but an engineering problem nonetheless. 1. I have a venturi injector sucking in liquid (by all means and purposes identical to water) and injecting into a pressurized water line. A straight tube is inserted into the container of liquid (below the liquid surface) and...
  40. Merttt

    Venturi, Orifice and Nozzle

    Hello everyone. When I try to do mass flow systematic uncertainty estimation for venturi nozzle and orifice, I am getting the biggest error from venturi nozzle. What is the reason for it? ( Why coefficient of velocity of venturi nozzle is too big compared to orifice and nozzle.)
  41. R

    Venturi / Ejector Design to Boost Water Flow using a Pump

    I have a water tank fed from a piping system that has very low head in it. As a result flow tends to be low. See sketch below. I am thinking of ways to boost the flow. I already have a centrifugal pump at the site. Could I use its flow to boost the flow from the incoming pipe via a venturi /...
  42. B

    Can a Leaking Argon Gas Line Draw in Air and Create a Mixture?

    I have an argon line used for atomization and backfilling a VIM melting chamber. If there is a leak on the argon line (at a fitting, valve, etc), will this leak actually draw in air when gas is turned on and flowing through pipe creating a mixture of argon and air?
  43. M

    Questions about Venturi scrubber

    Hi, I try to understand an article from Wikipedia about the venturi scrubber. I cannot understand its some parts. I would like to ask these parts from here. 1) "The inlet gas, forced to move at extremely high velocities in the small throat section, shears the liquid from its walls, producing...
  44. T

    Venturi Vaccum increase in Momentum

    I was hoping to get a more complete understanding how a Venturi vacuum increases the Momentum of the fluid. I know Momentum is an awful way to pose this question but it really is important that it can be explained by momentum instead of conservation - Hence the post. An initial pressure...
  45. S

    Gas confusion -- cooling air in a pipe using venturis and mixing

    Hello everyone! I am new here. I have used this forum on and off through google searches in the past and learned a fair bit from the posts. This is the first time asking anything. The question is probably extremely simple but has been overrun in my head for a week! It is in regards to...
  46. JP Beaulieu

    Venturi effect witout/with nozzle

    Hi, I am building a hose system with an automatic liquid dispenser using venturi effect. The 12v pump is taking water in a tank via a 3/4 pipe and has a capability of 2.9gpm at 50psi. The main system is built with 3/4 pipes and a 5/8 hose. The siphon pipe is 1/4 and I added a check valve...
  47. F

    Why does pressure drop in the narrow portion of the Venturi effect?

    Now I've read a few explanations online already in the hopes of getting to grips with this phenomenon, but it seems they all bang on about the same thing (higher velocity in the narrow portion due to the principle of continuity), though none really explain WHY pressure drops in the narrow...
  48. Dennydont

    Velocity of fluid in venturi tube

    Homework Statement A venturi tube is a means of measuring fluid velocity. One particular device consists of a level, circular pipe of radius 5.7 cm which at one point narrows to a radius of 3.7 cm. An ideal, incompressible liquid flows through the tube and the pressure difference between the...
  49. G

    Flow rate/pressure in a venturi

    Homework Statement Hi Guys, I have found that as flow rate increases the pressure difference in the sections of the venturi increases. Would someone please mind explaining in words why as I'm not sure. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Well I know that when the fluid gets to a...
  50. M

    Venturi, how does fluid go from low P tube to high P tube

    Homework Statement How does fluid move from low pressure area in a Venturi to a high pressure area, which is downstream from the Venturi. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Not understanding the mechanism here, as I thought fluids only go from high pressure to low presure. Since the...