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Homework Help: Very simple inorganic chemical reaction HELP!

  1. Apr 2, 2006 #1
    Can you please help me with this reaction?

    * KBr + NaOH --> ???*

    Put KBr in boilling solution of NaOH. What are the products?
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  3. Apr 4, 2006 #2
    If i'm not mistaken sorry if i'm wrong on this but I think it should be

    KBr + NaOH --> KOH+ NaBr
  4. Apr 9, 2006 #3
    However, all of those will dissociate into ions (on both sides of the equation). Maybe you have to assume that water is a reagant because it is a solution of NaOH, and then it will be an acidic reaction. I may be off though...
  5. Apr 9, 2006 #4
    Maybe you'll observe no visible reaction since both the reactants and products are very soluble. But it should be a simple double displacement reaction I think
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