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Very simple java program not working!

  1. Nov 12, 2012 #1
    I am using the netbeans IDE

    All I am trying to do is print out to the screen, but I keep getting this error.

    Code (Text):
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Uncompilable source code - Erroneous sym type: system.out.println
        at mysqlconn.mainhgf4.main(mainhgf4.java:19)
    Here is my short code

    Code (Text):
    package mysqlconn;
    import java.io.BufferedReader;
    public class mainhgf4{

         * @param args the command line arguments
        public static void main(String[] args) {
           system.out.println("Welcome friend!!");
    This is not really a java program, it is a SQL program that I am supposed to somehow implement a DB in java... IDK im so frustrated over this. I am originally a C programmer and have very basic knowledge of java, but the fact that I have to incorporate a database and SQL queries is making this impossible for "ME", I know alot of people can do this with their eyes closed.
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    Try System.out.println(...)
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    Java is a case-sensitive language, and by convention, class names (like System), start with an upper-case letter, whereas variable and method names start with a lower-case letter (like out & println() )
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    Ahh wow that was simple lol thank you, I might be back for more questions because if I had trouble with that then there is no telling how many problems I am going to run across lol
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