Very specific AGR reactor core question

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I am currently setting up a simulation for thermal hydraulic analysis of an AGR fuel bundle. However, the walls in this type of reactor, have a specific roughness that promototes turbulence which in turn provides better heat transfer characteristics. I am struggling to find data online to correctly represent the roughness height of the fuel pins. Any suggestions?

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It's not the roughness, which is probably on the order of 0.8-1.2 microns, but rather the ribbing on the cladding outer surface.

According to the following article, the rib height is approximately 0.4 mm with a pitch of 2.75 mm. Cladding diameter ~15 mm, which may the be mean (midwall) diameter.

The article puts the pellet diameter at 14.5 mm and the cladding wall thickness at 0.38 mm.

Some additional details
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Thank you for the reply I found online that the rib height is 0.11 inches which somewhat matches the second reference you provided. Thanks again

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