Virtual Physics Labs - giving some resources and asking for some

In summary, the university physics department is preparing for online labs and utilizing simulations from various sources such as Colorado PhETs, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, and ck-12. They are also looking for simulations on solar cells and DC motor power generation. Some suggested sources include applets from and the Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations. The department also has access to reasonable demos through their library and they also like simulations from,,, and They are also considering simulations from,, and
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Hi all!

Like everyone else, our university physics department is prepping for online labs. We are utilizing great simulations from several sites, check them out below if you haven't already. We are able to rewrite many of our labs 1:1 conversion to online!

Colorado PhETs...of course ...
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University

A couple that I am missing, but are surely out there somewhere:

1. Solar Cell simulation, looking for single cell, not systems ~0-5v

2. DC motor power generation, also low power.

We used to give the students a small dc motor with small fan blades and a single solar cell with a lamp; also a TEG and electrochemical cell. They observe and play with these then compare voltage output. This is why the range is relevant. I found great thermoelectric and electrochem sims.

Any one know of either of these?
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Just got a link ("Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations")

The few demos I checked seem reasonable, we have access through our library.

What is a virtual physics lab?

A virtual physics lab is a computer simulation or software program that allows students to conduct physics experiments in a digital environment. This allows students to practice and learn important concepts and skills without being physically present in a traditional laboratory setting.

What are the benefits of using virtual physics labs?

There are several benefits to using virtual physics labs, including cost-effectiveness, accessibility, and flexibility. Virtual labs also allow for more repetition and experimentation, as well as the ability to simulate complex or dangerous experiments that may not be possible in a traditional lab.

What resources are available for virtual physics labs?

There are many online resources available for virtual physics labs, including software programs, interactive simulations, and virtual lab platforms. Many educational institutions also offer their own virtual labs for students to use.

Are virtual physics labs as effective as traditional labs?

Research has shown that virtual physics labs can be just as effective as traditional labs in teaching and reinforcing important concepts and skills. However, it is important to note that virtual labs should not completely replace traditional labs, but rather be used as a supplement.

Can virtual physics labs be used for all levels of education?

Yes, virtual physics labs can be used for all levels of education, from elementary school to university. The level of complexity and sophistication may vary depending on the level of education, but the basic principles and benefits of using virtual labs remain the same.