What is Power generation: Definition and 65 Discussions

Electricity generation is the process of generating electric power from sources of primary energy. For utilities in the electric power industry, it is the stage prior to its delivery (transmission, distribution, etc.) to end users or its storage (using, for example, the pumped-storage method).
Electricity is not freely available in nature, so it must be "produced" (that is, transforming other forms of energy to electricity). Production is carried out in power stations (also called "power plants"). Electricity is most often generated at a power plant by electromechanical generators, primarily driven by heat engines fueled by combustion or nuclear fission but also by other means such as the kinetic energy of flowing water and wind. Other energy sources include solar photovoltaics and geothermal power.

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  1. I

    Generator load sharing

    I came across this statement in a generator manual I was reading(manufacturer Rolls Royce) The documentation barely touches any theoretical explanation as to how this works. I would like to ask specifically how this phenomena is achieved. If a generator's fuel output is increased, it produces...
  2. kingamada

    Gravity Based Electricity Generator

    Hello community, I am currently designing a gravity-based electricity generator and exploring the feasibility of different setups using a 500 kg mass. The core of my project is to harness the potential energy from this mass as it is lowered from a significant height. I am considering several...
  3. D

    B Could solar sails be used as turbines for power generation?

    It seems as though two advantages to using a solar sail turbine system instead of solar panels would be (1) the sails may not degrade as quickly as the solar panels, and (2) a sail turbine system may be lighter than a solar panel (and therefore less expensive to launch into orbit). The drawback...
  4. S

    Power Fluctuations in our AC Mains Power Generation Facility

    I am currently at a power plant here in Texas and the 480VAC system swings from 480 while equipment is on line and as high as 536VAC when equipment is off line. They tell me that this is prefectly normal but I have never seen swings like this at any power plant. So, is this normal???
  5. CherryB

    How many kWh will a 23MW generator make in 1 year

    If a power plant generates at 23MW, how many kWh will be generated in 1 year? And how many miles could you drive Tesla cars, at highway speeds (70mph), in one year? Thanks
  6. samstergurl

    Concentric coils for power generation

    Most generators work by rotating a coil within a magnetic field. This induces a current in the coil and can be harnessed as electricity. I was wondering if it would be possible to generate more power by using more than one coil with each one being progressively larger wrapped around the others...
  7. T

    Virtual Physics Labs - giving some resources and asking for some

    Hi all! Like everyone else, our university physics department is prepping for online labs. We are utilizing great simulations from several sites, check them out below if you haven't already. We are able to rewrite many of our labs 1:1 conversion to online! Colorado PhETs...of course ...
  8. D

    Electrical Enclosed water turbine power generation

    In theory or at least in my head, it seems simple enough to me. A simple water pump, such as a pool pump pushes water through a pipe into a water turbine and recycles the water directly back to the pump. With some of the hydrogenerators I've seen out there, they produce far more power than the...
  9. J

    Fusion power generation: percentage of neutrons expected to be caught?

    Surely the real efficiency of Fusion power is the percentage of neutrons that can be caught to extract kinetic energy from. I am assuming it is the neutron that is carrying the nuclear energy that can be recovered from the fusion reaction. Now I'm pretty sure neutrons cannot be focused, so the...
  10. N

    US solar power generation for 2014-17

    Solar generation results for US are out for 2017. Year over year: http://www.eia.gov/electricity/annual/html/epa_01_02.html https://www.eia.gov/electricity/annual/pdf/epa.pdf US: Net Generation (Thousand Megawatthours) 2014 Solar: 17691 (that's 0.43%) All sources: 4093606 US: Net Generation...
  11. Alfredo

    Pelton Wheel for Power Generation

    I am a simple Newbie, wanting to make power, using Pelton wheel say 45 psi water pressure , 3/8 to 1/2 nozzle...is there a way to determine the results or is there a better psi/nozzle combo? Generator can be 12/24/48 volts
  12. JTC

    Where Does the Torque in a Windmill Come From?

    I tried yesterday with the gyro and did not make myself clear. So let me try with a windmill, please. I look at a windmill and I see the blades are spinning. Thus, the shaft axis has an angular velocity. I can ballpark and check the angular velocity with my eyes. I want a ballpark...
  13. N

    US solar power generation for 2014-16

    Solar generation results for US are out for 2016. Year over year: http://www.eia.gov/electricity/annual/html/epa_01_02.html US: Net Generation (Thousand Megawatthours) 2014 Solar: 17691 (that's 0.43%) All sources: 4093606 https://www.eia.gov/electricity/annual/pdf/epa.pdf: US: Net Generation...
  14. BillTre

    New Concept for Zero Emission Natural Gas Power Generation

    Science mag news article on a new electrical power plant being set-up by a start-up. It burns natural gas with pure oxygen and runs turbines with CO2. It makes water rather than using it and is in theory close to competitive economically. . Sounds good to me, but I'm no engineer.
  15. G

    References on thermal power stations and supercritical technology

    Hi. This is technically an assignment question, but it's not really a problem that I have to solve. It's more of an investigation so I thought this would be a more appropriate place to discuss it. The question basically asks you to compare the thermodynamic cycle of water in a typical thermal...
  16. P

    How do I design a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator?

    Hi, I'm trying to do a very simple analysis on Simulink where I am applying a speed to a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator with a purely resistive load. I'm not familiar with PMSGs so the results I'm getting don't really make any sense to me. Could anyone go through some simple design...
  17. P

    A few questions regarding power generation by steam

    I have a few questions. Let's assume that we have steam at 200 barA pressure and 400°C temperature. If the temperature fluctuates but remains above the saturation temperature (365.746°C), does that affect power generation and turbine performance badly? Do the pressure too will vary with the...
  18. hackhard

    B What is the use of a grounding stick

    suppose there was no ground stick at power generating station . then there would be no reason for a person to get an electric shock. no need for ground wires. only live and neutral wire for domestic supply. why is the neutral wire connected to Earth at generating station
  19. Dream Relics

    Steam engines -- A new idea, maybe....

    Why do we use water for steam engines? Why not something else? So, I have a question, or maybe it is an idea that i would like to share. So, sure, there are many finer points to the engineering of a steam turbine to make them work efficiently, and no doubt the designs have improved much since...
  20. A

    Magnetism, electricity, and photons

    If photons are part of a magnetic field like electrons, which electrons can be read with an amp meter, what can measure or count photons? Electrons are not counted but the magnetic field changes when more current flows and the ammeter reads a change in the magnetic field. What type of light are...
  21. Y

    Wind Turbine and Power Generation

    Working on a wind turbine for a class project and making an attempt to add a brake. The idea is that the turbine will generate power at a certain wind speed and if the wind speed is increased, we would slow the turbine with a mechanical brake. We're using a 10V low-torque motor and have created...
  22. W

    Can we use counter-rotating rings to generate power on space

    I was reading a post by spongebob_79 about using counter-rotating rings to generate power and I had a thought. What is the general opinion of using counter-rotating rings mounted to 2 facing sides of a structure and simpily inducing opposite spins on the structures to generate power? Obviously...
  23. R.C

    Power Generation (Optimization) in a Car Engine

    **Long Post** 1. Homework Statement The Mazda MX5 (2001-2005) comes with two engine sizes, 1.6 litre and 1.8 litre which are rated as 110 bhp and 146 bhp respectively at 6,500 rpm. You are required to choose one of the two engine sizes and analyse the system with a view to improving the power...
  24. eno31krad

    Random power generation thought

    Sorry didn't look too deep into it but had a random thought (and a couple drinks) ; would it be plausible to generate power by harnessing angular momentum from passing molecules? Perhaps hydro and wind generators could get an efficiency boost?
  25. S

    Exactly how do i control the fall of a falling object? (for power generation)

    Hi! So i have been having this discussion with a friend. we have an old shaft going down about 100meters and we want to tie a 100kg sand bag and use it to generate electricity as it falls. (we will simply pull it back up) if my understanding is right, then: i can either generate 980kw for 1...
  26. H

    Out of the water tidal power generation?

    Hello, I live in an area with large tides averaging 15 ft, twice daily. The city has a huge floating dock system in a large harbor held in place by fixed steel pilings. I have no idea what the weight is but it is a huge harbor housing a large fishing and personal use fleet. The docks are...
  27. T

    Power generation through endothermic heat absorption.

    I have been toying with an idea that may break the second law of thermodynamics for a while now, but it is basically this; An endothermic reaction is used to convert heat energy into chemical energy, and then the products of that reaction are used as the reactants in an electrochemical reaction...
  28. B

    What Is the Best Generator for Small Scale Power Generation?

    Hi, I'm a Mech. Eng., so forgive my ignorance to power electronics, but I'm hoping someone can explain this to me. Considering the scenario where a small gas turbine (< 500 kW) drives a generator to provide power to the power grid. The power output of the turbine will not be constant...
  29. A

    Transmission & Distribution Department or Power Generation Department

    If you are a fresh graduate of BSc Electrical Engineering and you are asked to choose either Transmission & Distribution Department or Power Generation Department, which one will you choose? And why? Please your inputs will help me decide, so help me out. Airer
  30. R

    Very Small Scale Power Generation in Rural Asia

    Hi, I volunteer for a small group who try and help the families who live in the rural parts of Sri-Lanka We have built and donated a large number of solar powered lanterns but during the rainy season (or even on cloudy days) we don't get enough sunshine for the lights to work for their...
  31. F

    Question about power generation

    Hi, it has recently occurred to me that current technology does not allow massive electricity storage, and this has made me rather confused, as this implies that power generation has to be exactly matching the demand of power at any given time or else energy is wasted because of generating too...
  32. S

    Power generation using buoyancy, gravity and compressed air

    Hi all, this is my first post. I was wondering if it would be possible to use a deflatable/inflatable bladder inside a housing with an air valve at the top and bottom of said bladder secured through the housing. The housing material would be heavy, placticised metal or stainless steel. This...
  33. J

    Distributed/decentrallized power generation vs. Regional power generation

    Hello everyone! Need help with understanding the terms "distributed/decentralized" vs. "regional power generation". 1. Is there any difference between the terms "distributed" and "decentralized" generation (of electricity)? I thought "distributed" means generation of electricity on units...
  34. O

    Wind Power Generation Comparison

    Homework Statement Two sites are being considered for wind power generation. In the first site, the wind blows steadily at 7 m/s for 3000 hours per year, whereas the second site the wind blows at 10m/s for 2000 hours per year. Assuming wind velocity is negligible at other times for simplicity...
  35. S

    Variable-capacitance power generation

    A few days ago I read the phrase "variable-capacitance power generation." I tried to find more information, but nothing turned up. Is anyone here familiar with it?
  36. D

    Power generation with peizoelectricity

    I read an article that using peizoelectricity , ideas to generate energy from public movements was tried. How far was it sucess? If this is possible , can we generate energy from vehicles movement on roads?
  37. A

    Haber process and power generation

    Is the Haber process ever used to generate electricity? I recognize that it's not an efficient means, because of the amount of energy needed to create H2 gas, but because the actual Haber process is exothermic and is less efficient once the temperature creeps above 400 degrees, why shouldn't it...
  38. M

    Suggstion required for setup of a 3MW Power Generation Unit.

    Hello everyone, I represent an iron & steel manufacturing industry which runs on electricity. Currently our electricity consumption is 1,000,000 units/month @ 5.5 INR/Unit consumed along with maximum kVA reached during the time of manufacturing of product which is affecting the costing of...
  39. C

    Power generation through building damping systems

    Hello, first time posting. If this is in the wrong forum, please move it to the correct one. (its a cross mechanical/structural/civil/electrical engineering idea) I was thinking on the way home Power generation. In order to generate power, wave motion can be used (such as tidal/wave power...
  40. X

    Comparing Power Generation Potentials of Hydrogen and Xenon

    Generally the working fluids in a power generating system is either water (steam) or air. This I imagine is because they are widely available fluids. The specific heats of these ranging from some 1 - 2 kJ/kg-K. For the sake of argument, let's assume that hydrogen or xenon are equally...
  41. S

    Maximizing Savings with Solar and Wind Power Generation

    Greetings, I'm seeing programs that allow solar, wind and other types of power generation to be connected to your house (or business) and you are still connected to your grid. The power company meters both - what they provide to you and what your private generation provides. Your power...
  42. H

    Power Generation from Constant Rotating Mass

    An object with a mass M is rotating around an axis, with an arm of radius R at a certain speed V. Assuming that the movement is constant, and a 100% efficiency, how many watt of electrical power can this device generate ? For example purpose, we can take M=60 kg, R=5 meters and V=10 meters per...
  43. M

    Exploring Decay Rates in Nuclear Power Generation

    Decay rate help I've been debating decay rates with another poster in another forum. Basically, the other poster has stated "The half-life/decay rate of the substances used in nuclear power generation have nothing to do with the generation of power. That they ARE radioactive is. Spent fuel...
  44. M

    Explaining Half-Life/Decay Rate Relevance in Nuclear Power Generation

    I've reposted this in the nuclear engineering forum, which seems more appropriate. I'd just delete it, but can't see the way to do so. I've been debating decay rates with another poster in another forum. Basically, the other poster has stated "The half-life/decay rate of the substances...
  45. C

    Wye or delta, source side power generation and distribution

    for a three phase power generator, you can have sources in series with inductances in either a wye or delta formation by designing the generator differently. from my understanding, if you choose wye instead of delta, then the power produced will be increaced by a factor of the root of 3 in...
  46. P

    Electrical power generation and distribution in an aircraft

    i would be delightful if someone Can suggest me any book for this topic-'Electrical power generation and distribution in an aircraft. i am doing my thesis work on it. i would like to add few more points with your help. Thank you
  47. U

    Space Based Solar Power Generation.

    I know that this has been proposed as a possibility for large scale power generation for many years, but according to this new article it seems that at least one power company is very serious about getting this up and running in the very near future. Any thoughts on this? Do you think it will...
  48. U

    Windmill power generation problem

    Homework Statement A windmill is designed to operate at 20 rpm in a 15 mph wind and produce 300 kW of power. The blades are 1.75 ft in diameter. A model 1.75 ft in diameter is to be tested at 90 mph wind velocity. What rotor speed should be used, and what power should be expected...
  49. N

    How Does Electric Power Generation Work?

    Are there any good resources for learning how Electric Power Generation works? For example, let's say you have a deisel generator pumping 60 Hz into the Grid. I'm wondering how the physics of this works, or if there is a reference area on the internet I can learn more about this. Or if...
  50. S

    Gravitational Potential Enery and Tidal Power Generation

    After walking along the Thames every day on the way to work, I noticed that the water lever difference is between low and high tide is about 7-8m. Thoughts soon turned to how to harness this for power generation. The idea I had is to have a large weight buoyed so that it would rise with the...