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Visualization of a particle model easiest way?

  1. Jul 25, 2006 #1
    I have a working monte carlo model of a system of cobalt nanoparticles. I am looking for a way to visualize their locations, as output from the model in the form of files with (x,y) or (x,y,z) coordinates. I also need to shown on the same image the vectors showing their magnetic moments (output from simulation as angles form 0 to 2pi). I have been using gnuplot up to this point, but now i need to show two different radii of particles and I can not have gnuplot draw circles of specific sizes. All I can do is play with the point size, but this is in any way connected to the mathematical real scale of the graph gnuplot outputs. I would like to get this visualization as quickly as possible so I can actually spend time working on the model instead of drawing circles.
    Essentially, I just need to draw circles with specific radii and arrows at certain angles using data loaded from a text file.
    What is the quickest way to do this?
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  3. Jul 30, 2006 #2
    I can recommend the use of the GDIS software for visualization.

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