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Visualizing seven extra dimensions

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    Hi, I am a sculptor working with glass. I have come to this forum for some information.

    Several years ago I read an article on sting/M-theory that gave a description of one of the possible shapes the the 7 compact extra dimensions of m-theory. I have been unable to find the article again. I shall do my best to remember the description.

    It was something like: 3 curled up dimensions surrounding another 3 curled up dimensions somewhat like a russian doll. These two "sets" of dimensions are somehow separated yet a strange straw-like dimension stretches between between these two "sets", making a total of seven extra compact dimension rolled up into a plank sized nugget.

    Does this mean anything to anyone.
    I am interested to make my next project a representation of this preposed shape.

    I would appreciate any information, the name of this structure, web references etc.

    I am also curious as to how a straw like dimension could represent only one dimension.

    Thanks Dave.
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