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Wang: Towards Conformal Loop Quantum Gravity

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    what is wrong with Wang's approach?
    or even simpler, what IS Wang's approach, what is the essential, what makes it different?

    how can one even consider using conformal diffeomorphisms instead of ordinary? Is this what he is doing?

    He delivered this paper at the September Quantum Gravity conference but he is not really one of the regulars---not a gravitist. he works on all kinds of other physics as well. He is at a good place in the UK though. Perspective on this? Comments?
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    also maybe look at Wang's track record in publishing papers on his conformal QG
    he has already TWO about this IN PHYSICAL REVIEW D
    and he has a third one that was accepted for publication in "Classical and Quantum Gravity" 2005
    Nonlinear quantum gravity on the constant mean curvature foliation
    Charles H-T Wang
    14 pages. Classical and Quantum Gravity (To appear)
    Class.Quant.Grav. 22 (2005) 33-45
    "A new approach to quantum gravity is presented based on a nonlinear quantization scheme for canonical field theories with an implicitly defined Hamiltonian. The constant mean curvature foliation is employed to eliminate the momentum constraints in canonical general relativity. It is, however, argued that the Hamiltonian constraint may be advantageously retained in the reduced classical system to be quantized. This permits the Hamiltonian constraint equation to be consistently turned into an expectation value equation on quantization that describes the scale factor on each spatial hypersurface characterized by a constant mean exterior curvature. This expectation value equation augments the dynamical quantum evolution of the unconstrained conformal three-geometry with a transverse traceless momentum tensor density. The resulting quantum theory is inherently nonlinear. Nonetheless, it is unitary and free from a nonlocal and implicit description of the Hamiltonian operator. Finally, by imposing additional homogeneity symmetries, a broad class of Bianchi cosmological models are analyzed as nonlinear quantum minisuperspaces in the context of the proposed theory."
    unless one of us can come up with a reason not to consider the Wang QG approach we should probably get it on the radar and understand it a little.
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