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Wannier-stark state calculation

  1. Mar 4, 2009 #1
    In a tilt lattice, there are wannier-stark states

    Is this state localized or extended? I think it should be extended because there is no lower bound of the potential

    are they stable or quasi-stable?

    How to calculate them?
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    When the electric field is strong, the Wannier state is localized, see the article
    by M Dignam in Phys. Rev. B in 1994.
    They are quasi-stable, they are resonant state.
    See also the Dignam's article
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    Thanks a lot!

    Why are they quasi-stable?

    I take a tight-binding model, and numerically diagonalize the hamiltonian, and find out the eigenstates, i find that the eigenstates are all well-localized and of the same shape. Of course, except for those near the boundary.
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    For one dimensional tight binding lattice, without interband tunneling, the Wannier-Stark state
    is rigorous localized state. and the eigenenergy is equidistant.

    If there exists interband tunneling, the WS state is a resonant state and quasi-stable.
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    Thanks a lot!

    This sounds making sense.

    but why?
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    In the above discussion,there exist Both Wannier state and Wannier-Stark state.But the two is different.Can you give a more detailed anwser?
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