Wanting to switch to unaccredited engineering degree

My school is accredited and most of it's engineering degrees are accredited by ABET, but the "engineering science" degree is not.

I'm currently 2.5 quarters away from finishing an accredited degree, but a class this quarter has me doing so bad (and the instructor isn't worth praising) that I could fail. That would set me back another year, since it is only offered once per year.

I switched majors so many times during college and settled on engineering after my 3rd year ONLY because I knew it would give me better job prospects than other majors. That was a poor decision because I ended up dragging myself through courses, hating most of them, not studying because I was so uninterested in the material, basically doing nothing to help my GPA. Of course, those first 3 years that I kept switching majors, I had a poor GPA as well because again, I found nothing that I wanted to really work towards.

This professor already instructed me to drop the class if I don't plan on putting in a lot more work. I don't want to put in so much effort for the rest of the quarter, only to fail another class. (This professor does not hesitate to fail you, even if you have come for help consistently throughout the quarter...last time he taught this class, 40% failed.)

Quite frankly, I don't even WANT to work as an engineer, or do anything involving technical work. Anyone that gets to know me really questions why I chose engineering, and I hear all the time that I would be better in business/sales/marketing or anything that requires a good memory. I'm also very adept at picking up languages.

I passed the EIT a few months ago, so it's not like I know zilch. But I'm ready to switch over to the non-accredited degree (which allows me to sub in electives for required courses, including this one) and start preparing for the MCAT (I wish I had spent more time thinking about what I wanted in life, because I like working with/helping out people. Now I have to take pre-requisites as well!)

Does it matter if this degree is unaccredited if I am not planning on working in the engineering field? I know medical school won't give a hoot, their focus will be on GPA/MCAT/extra curriculars, but I want to know that if I don't get into med school on the first try (which I believe to be true) then I want to be able to find work with my degree. Right now I have an internship as a writer, and they pay me really well, and the work is super easy, and my boss loves me, so I'm not too concerned, but I want some advice from others.

Sorry for the long post, but I guess a well informed question gets a well informed post!! :)


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Well it sounds like you're convinced that engineering isn't for you. I think that's fine. It's not for everyone. In that respect I don't see much of a problem if you want to switch programs. Sure, it might close some doors as far as engineering goes, but as long as you're okay with that, it might be the best choice. Medical school might be a tough slog if your GPA has been less than stellar for multiple years.

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