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War of the Worlds and Social Conditioning

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    Ever 'notice' that the majority of people in a given country say they are whatever religion that is dominant in that country? For most people, if they are born in a christian country, they will become christian. If they are born in a oriental country, they will say they are Buddhist, or Taoist. If they are born in Arabic country, they will say they are Muslim.

    People wonder why Nazyism and Rascism comes around. Few people ever ask the question of where they go when things become 'unpopular.' In watching the original "War of the Worlds", I couldn't help noticing how in the beginning of the movie, everybody seems so nice to one another, and then, when L.A. is about to get wiped out by the aliens, all of a sudden, people are portrayed as CRAZY!

    So, which is it? Does anybody have the balls to pick out logically what's what around here? Are there any scientists around here? Or did everybody go to school just to get their wicks wet and have a roof over their head?
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    What exactly is your question?
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    if your question is "why do people change under stress?"
    The war of the worlds incident where people change when faced with imminent death.

    let me answer with a question:
    you like your neighbor... and being polite and controlled around them is normal.
    If however aliens come to kill everyone your priority's change.
    your only goal is to run away and take your loved ones with you.
    you do not care what you look like, you could run naked if it saved you a few minutes.
    you would not care what the neighbor would think of you running naked for the hills.
    now... would you act like this? and would that be considered crazy? or a natural instinctive response to danger?
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    People do stupid and unusual things that would not normally be in their nature under stress, like the threat of communism. It's a natural response.
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