Was the direction of oceanic currents changed during the ice age?

  1. Yes, curious about that.
    (No, I'm NOT asking about some short term disturbances when glaciers were melting, but whether with lower temperature and part of continental shelf above water caused the currents to change their direction)
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    Why aren't you asking about those short term disturbances? That is the leading hypothesis of the cause of the Younger Dryas, a ~1000 year long interval at the end of the last glaciation when the Earth got very, very cold. This hypothesis claims that a temporary diversion of the cold meltwaters of Lake Agassiz to the St. Lawrence Seaway shut down the thermohaline circulation.
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  4. Because I forgot that 1000 years counts here as short term? ;)
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    Back to your question,

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    He's not asking about the Younger Dryas. That's a short term event in which Czcibor is not interested.
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    I'm not posting about the Younger Dryas. Unfortunately it's only the abstract, but it discusses the differences between the T-I (last ice age) and T-II (previous ice age). Just going by the thread title, perhaps he's only wanting T-I information.
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  8. D H. EVO:


    (I thought more about long term difference, but this reminder about length of Dryas was also interesting)
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