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Weather/Climate and Ocean-Circulation Simulations?

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    I'm curious about the amount of computing that it takes to do weather/climate and ocean-circulation simulations. Does it usually take some supercomputer?

    Has anyone ever tried doing both climate and oceans? That's because poleward circulation warms high-latitude areas, something familiar for the Gulf Stream. Allister Rees Mesozoic mentions how climate simulations make the far northern and southern latitudes too cold for the late Jurassic. But a common approximation is the swamp approximation, where oceans are stationary. It seems to me that Gulf-Stream-like currents could warm up the far-from-equator latitudes.

    This could also be worthwhile for exoplanet climate simulations. For a tidally-locked one with a big ocean, ocean currents could carry heat from the day side to the night side.
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