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Web browser to get 'privacy mode'

  1. Aug 21, 2008 #1
    This news was saying that IE will get privacy tools in 2008

    There's another browser (mentioned in the above article)
    that allows secure surfing at 1$/month?

    I was wondering doesn't Firefox have it all already?

    With NoScript and other privacy tools , it seems like Firefox is way ahead of other browsers?
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    I'd like to know exactly what goes into that. If it's added "hacker security", then something like a router will go a lot further than any software protection.

    If it's something like a pop-up blocker on steroids, then you can bet you'll see Firefox come out with something much better and free fairly soon.
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    I was thinking that privacy mode is something that keeps your IP private or something.
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    From reading the article, it just sounds like they're just catering to the idiots who use I.E. and don't know how to open a menu to limit browsing history, clear the cache, or remove cookies. And, yes, Firefox already has something like that (though the article writer seems unaware of it...must be an I.E. user). What I like about Firefox is you can select which things you want cleared at the end of a browser session (or not stored at all), and then you can set it to ask before you close it if you want to clear all those things in case you don't want to, or you can tell it not to ask and to do it by default every time. I don't think the option is Safari is as flexible...I'm pretty sure it's an all-or-none choice when you clear private data.
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    All decent (non-IE) browsers let you selectively delete cookies/history etc on exit.
    Or you can use a very simple browser like ob1 (offbyone.com) which doesn't store anything anyway.

    There is nothing the browser can do directly to hide your IP - after all the server has to know where to send the page to - but you can make it more difficult by using TOR which makes the data take multiple random hops between other machines on the way to and from the server. You can get a TOR button plugin for firefox that does this, or 'OperaTor' a version of opera that always uses tor.
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    I have Firefox MoonB, so now i have time how do you set these things?
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    Select Edit > Preferences, then the "privacy" tab. The feature that MB is talking about specifically is the "Always clear my private data when I close Firefox": click on the checkbox to activate, and then the settings box to the right of this message to select what you want deleted.

    Caveat: that is on FF2, so it may be different on 3.
  9. Aug 22, 2008 #8
    FF 3:
    Tools>Options>Privacy tab
    I don't remember having Preferences in Edit in FF2

    I found TOR, mgb was talking about:

    In FF, cookies/data are cleared at the session end. It is scary because our activities might be tracked at least for the time we are in the session
    [e.g. we went to a bad site in the beginning and then do normal surfing without restarting FF. I have done that some many times :cry:].
    But, I guess with FoxTor or OffByOne would help.
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    What exactly are all you people doing that you have to clear your browsing history? Own up to your sins!
    Edit:rootX, you don't have to own up to your sins, I heard about the gay animal porn and don't think it would be a good idea to spread it around.
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    no one else uses my laptop, so I don't have to worry about the history. There are many non-pornographic sites that are install adware..etc. And, then spamming is also another problem.

    I am much more concerned about
    • Banking
    • My email passwords

    You can test it for yourself. Go to all *your good* sites without clearing history/data on IE and then run some anti-spyware.
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    I don't use Windows, so therein probably lies the difference.
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    Don't all computers require Windows in order to run?

    Just kidding! (Were you fooled?)
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