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Web service/person that solves engineering/maths r

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    Where to find a Web service that solves engineering/maths problems at a cost?

    I am building a structural frame and need to calculate stress/strains on loaded parts, also I need to calculate bolt sizes etc. I need someone to calculate these values for me in order to build the most cost effective structure.

    Are there web services/ businesses out there that do work like this?
    What kind of of cost would one expect for a job like this?
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    What you are looking for is an engineering consulting firm/service. If you live in a somewhat industrialized area, you should have several in your tri-county area.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    What I was wondering was is there companys/individuals on the web that do the same job as those in my industrialized area? I want to get this done as cheaply as possible so I assumed an individual calculating these would be cheapest rather than a company with overheads.
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    If you're building a structural frame and need engineering design and analysis work, then you'll probably only find that with an Engineering firm or a consultant. The consultant will charge somewhere around $150 per hour and should be a licensed PE.

    Engineering firms tend to be slightly higher but have the advantage of more experienced people instead of one consultant plus could handle a higher work load.

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    Would you pay for a cheap internet surgeon to do your heart bypass operation?
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    How critical is your application?If its not gonna kill anybody :) , you can probably find some ME grad student here if you offered money.
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