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Websites that do free photoshop requests?

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    Are there any websites that do photoshop/image editing requests for free?

    I do not own photoshop and my image editing skills with the free software that I have are mediocre at best.So I was hoping that perhaps there is an online community somewhere that professionally photoshops images for people.

    The program GIMP has it's limitations.

    I've looked around, and haven't found anything of sort, at least not what I'm looking for.
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    Don't you see a contradiction there?

    You can always try 4chan. Some of the people that hang there like to practice their photoshop skills.
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    /r to be exact. Though you are as likely to be trolled as helped.
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    I'm sure there are photo editing forums where people will do some for you. I've even done a little here.
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