What is Websites: Definition and 93 Discussions

A website (also written as web site) is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server. Notable examples are wikipedia.org, google.com, and amazon.com.
All publicly accessible websites collectively constitute the World Wide Web. There are also private websites that can only be accessed on a private network, such as a company's internal website for its employees.
Websites are typically dedicated to a particular topic or purpose, such as news, education, commerce, entertainment, or social networking. Hyperlinking between web pages guides the navigation of the site, which often starts with a home page.
Users can access websites on a range of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The app used on these devices is called a web browser.

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  1. ergospherical

    Understanding Server-Side Cache: Exploring Website Updates and Timelines

    I'm not very familiar with different existing caching mechanisms of modern websites. If someone says that a website has been updated, but it will take "until the morning" for the changes to show, why might that be the case? Even assuming the client can clear their local cache at any time. Does...
  2. Merlin3189

    Is your website driving away visitors with constant popups and notifications?

    Hope this (my Q, not the cartoon) is acceptable and of interest to some. When I saw this, I posted it in the General Chat of my sailing club. I thought it made a point that has been a bee in my bonnet about our (and many other) websites. Not a soul reacted and no one I asked, understood the...
  3. T

    How do websites block unauthorized requests?

    If I say run the httr library on R and send DELETE or PUT or POST requests to a website, can it alter the contents and display of the webpage or do we devs have methods to block requests from unidentified sources. E.g if I send a DELETE request to Physics Forums website does it mean I can take...
  4. core7916

    Automotive Websites for getting datasheets for Ford 220HP engine sensors?

    Can anyone suggest sites for getting datasheets of ford engine 220hp sensors (sensor datasheets). Like cam sensors, crank sensor etc.
  5. robertphy

    Make a test based on online available exercises (looking for websites)

    Hi, a teacher and I have been looking for websites to take Math/Physics exercises from, put them together as a test, print it and pass it to students. I know there are many websites that give you tools to write your own exercises (mainly many LMSes). But we'd like to pick exercises already...
  6. berkeman

    Deleting McAfee antivirus SW has disabled my access to some websites?

    Oops, am posting on my phone right now in case it is a virus infection. Please see the Summary above.
  7. Wrichik Basu

    Websites that can help in localization of Android apps for free

    After publishing two apps on Google Play recently, I am currently looking for ways to translate my apps to different languages. In Android, all the strings used in the app are placed in the strings.xml file. If the app is installed on a device that is using a different locale, Android will first...
  8. paulo84

    Studying Maths in Physics Teaching Websites?

    Hi, I'm looking for some website suggestions for maths learning. Specifically introductory calculus, introductory trigonometry, introductory matrices, and introductory vectors?
  9. M

    How to understand which program is blocking websites?

    I have two different security tool: One is panda for antivirus and the other is Zonealarm as firewall. Now even my yahoo searches are being blocked by now. How can I understand which one or what program is blocking them? I checked the settings of Panda but I didn't see such configurations...
  10. M

    Can websites know of users' identity

    Can some websites such as search engines know of our identity? Can they guess or learn our name, surname or personality characters etc? If so, is it better not to use them? Google is offering me results from websites which are used in searches i.e site: searches. This seems very strange to me...
  11. ISamson

    Computer EE and DIY Websites -- Arduino

    Hello, I finally now own an Arduino UNO with the https://store.arduino.cc/usa/arduino-starter-kit and having completed all the projects in the book am looking for ways to extend myself with Arduino. I have had a look at many DIY websites (makesine, hackster.io, diyhacking...) but they have...
  12. kyphysics

    Unable to View a Bunch of Websites

    "a network change deteted err_network_changed" Hey guys - been getting this message a lot when I'm going to a variety of sites (no rhyme or reason...just random sites and a lot of them). Would anyone happen to know why that is? The site won't load and instead I'll get this message above. I...
  13. FallenApple

    Medical What websites do medical researchers use?

    Google is pretty much useless. Most items entered are just responses by non MDs or PhDs with no rigor whatsoever. I'm looking for a website that is scientific with an abundant source of numerical figures/values. (p-vals, methodology, source code for their data analysis etc.)
  14. R

    Other Sharing published work on free websites

    I've just published my first article through Elsevier. Very pleased as its a review and had a good response. Anyway, I also have a Researchgate account. What is the situation for me uploading my published research to Researchgate so people can read it for free? I've noticed several popular...
  15. T

    I Online sourses to learn chi square test of homogeneity

    I want to study chi square test of homogeneity from any authentic source- book / website especially problems where samples are compared for more than one attribute. What are some relevant sources? Relevant background: I was studying examples from random online sources before I saw this book...
  16. kolleamm

    Are websites made just with text editors?

    Basically does anyone actually spend time to position each element for their website in the css/html code or are there special programs that are more interactive and generate code for you with movable buttons etc...?
  17. doktorwho

    Python Which of these training websites would you recommend?

    I would be really thankful if you could check out them because I'm kinda indecisive about everything and i want your opinion on this. I was looking for a website that would have programming problem sets set in order so i could solve them and also have fun. I'm a python newbie and this is what i...
  18. VNN

    Studying GCSE Best Websites/Subscriptions?

    I have purchase Mygcsescience for revision help... Disregarding money,what would you say are the best PAID sites for revision notes and other resources... Please list a many as you can... Thanks.
  19. S

    Jobs websites for theoretical/computational physics

    I am looking to post a couple of job openings (in engineering) that would be well suited for people with doctoral degrees in theoretical/computational physics. Which websites (or professional societies) are most likely to get the most hits? It is ok if these sites charge for posting job openings.
  20. 3301

    Company that specializes in footbars on websites

    Its been stuck in me for a day and I have to get some thoughts about that. I want to start company with my friend that specializes on creating footers on websites. Yea its funny one but is it worth giving a try for something that people barely gives attention on?
  21. I

    How do computers and websites work out huge numbers?

    I was just wondering when you type some numbers into your computers calculator or into a website, how does it find the answer? Obviously for very small numbers like 4x12 it could do this just by addition. What about for massive calculations? For example 102! I typed this into Wolfram Alpha and...
  22. quantum.cmptr

    What Are Some Trustable Websites about Quantum Mechanics?

    What are some reputable, trustable websites that explain quantum mechanics and all its concepts well? Also, what are some good books about quantum mechanics? (Note: This is for the general ideas of quantum mechanics as a whole.)
  23. ZetaOfThree

    A really cool website for Physics competitions

    I found a really cool website where you can have physics problem solving competitions with others. It's brand new and it's called PhyKings: www.phykings.com. You can start a competition, pick the number of players, the length of the problem, the type of problem, and once everyone joins, you...
  24. R

    What websites can tell me which proteins are found in crop

    There are 20 amino acids and 4 are essential. You can lookup the nutrition facts of anything on google and get results. What I don't like is that google does not tell me which proteins are found in these foods, it just tells you how many grams of anything the food contains.
  25. Stephanus

    PHP Learning Web Programming: MySQL & PHP for Complex Websites

    Dear PF Forum, I want to learn web programming, but there are specifics information that I need to know. What is the most famous database in web programming? My SQL? Is it true that PF Forum database is MySQL? If this is true, then the conclusion is MySQL can handle millions of post, hundreds...
  26. N

    Are There Any Websites for Practicing Limits?

    Hello,Does anyone know any websites that offer limits exercise? I googled it and didn't find much, I just want limits and nothing else. Also, do limits generators exist?
  27. lonely_nucleus

    JavaScript What scripts do websites like unitednuclear.com use?

    I recently finished a course of html and css at codeacademy.com and I think I learned a lot from that but I do not feel prepared to make websites that can, for example, load another page when a button is clicked. Overall I want to know what type of languages are used to program sites like...
  28. S

    Websites to learn more physics

    Hello everyone, I am really into physics ( Iam a vietnamese ). I am looking for websites regarding the topic below: 1) Formula : all the formula in physics (with confirmed, I saw many sites but not sure which is precise) 2) Quiz :practising using forumla . 3) Theory: General theory about...
  29. E

    Websites that do free photoshop requests?

    Are there any websites that do photoshop/image editing requests for free? I do not own photoshop and my image editing skills with the free software that I have are mediocre at best.So I was hoping that perhaps there is an online community somewhere that professionally photoshops images for...
  30. R

    Good Chemistry Videos Websites

    Can anybody link some good inorganic chemistry video websites for a high school apart from Khan Academy Lectures. I found PatrickJMT for Maths videos quite useful. For physics there were many, e.g DrPhysicsA, Doc Schuster videos etc. Usually there are some like chemistnate and ben chem videos...
  31. M

    Java Any good websites for learning Java?

    I want to develop an Android app but I need to learn Java first. What are some good websites to learn Java?
  32. Squidie9

    Exploring a Career in Physics at 15

    I've decided that I would like to pursue a career in physics. Before I decide to devote my life to it (I am in year 9, so there's really no rush), I would like to find out more about it. However I am only 15, so most information I find is far beyond my intelligence. What I would like to know is...
  33. M

    What are some good websites for learning programming languages?

    Codecademy.org is not a good website. What are some good websites to learn HTML/CSS? Also, is Java the programming language to learn if you want to make free mobile apps on iOS?
  34. W

    Can you tell/give me any websites about ship hydrodynamics?

    Can you tell/give me any websites about ship hydrodynamics? Thanks!
  35. adjacent

    How to access mobile websites.

    I don't know what it is and how it works but websites such as waptrick.com seems different when seen from a PC.I can't even download things.Is there any way to access such websites.
  36. F

    Semiconductor Physics Books, Online Notes, Websites etc.

    Hi, I am looking for a good book or any other online resource on semiconductor physics. What I need the book to cover is: The PN junction i.e. the diode BJT transistors MOSFETS In particullar I am interested in the derivation of the equations of the above components, the Shockley...
  37. L

    Websites to put an ad to hire a temporary chemical engineer

    I would like to know if you can tell me the name of websites where I can put an ad to recruit a temporary chemical engineer. I am looking for an alcohol technologist who can make the drawings of a small distillery for the production of extra neutral alcohol at 96.2% for beverages. The raw...
  38. M

    Is Money the Key to Website Success?

    So I'm sick of working at a department store:biggrin: $30/week is sufficient
  39. 4

    Looking for some good websites for Physics and Cosmology

    I've been looking for a few websites good for Cosmology and Physics, maybe you guys can help? I'm in 8thgrade, but I can comprehend a lot, just try to stay away from websites that have excessive technical math please. All posts are appreciated.
  40. tsuwal

    Studying Finding Best Books for Engineering Students at IST Lisbon

    I'm a Engineering student at "Instituto Superior Tecnico" in Lisbon (it's capital), renowned in Portugal for being its best engineering school. I have a hard time finding the best books in each subject since the bibliography is very extensive most of the times, or the teacher just chooses his or...
  41. D

    Best Physics Websites on the Web

    Evening ladies and gents! Anyone have any great physics/science-related websites they'd like to share? I need a bit of something to counteract all the cognitive degeneration earned by seeing "Hit share if u luv Jesus keep scrolling if u luv devil" all day on my Facebook. Big fan of Sixty...
  42. N

    Do you know of any really good Abstract Algebra websites with lots of examples?

    Hi. I've just failed my first test in my Abstract Algebra course... I'm sure I scored a zero. So... needless to say, I need help. Do you know of any good websites with lots of examples? Or even a really good book with lots of problems? The textbook we're using is 'A First Course in Abstract...
  43. R

    What are the top 5 daily websites for internet users?

    It would be interesting to know about the websites you have as homepage; you open daily; you can't resist without. Let's have at least 5 from every user.
  44. J

    Proxy avoidance? Websites blocked.

    Ok so I am currently blocked from material like pornography/adult material and I couldn't even go to the /science board on 4chan. And a lot of websites that are non- violent I can't veiw. It's basiccly Everything is censored brutally. So I tryed proxy websites like hidemyass.com But they had...
  45. M

    News Should the government have the power to shut down rogue websites?

    http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-10-rogue-websites-bill-house.html http://www.thetruecosts.org/pressreleases/us-chamber-praises-house-legislation-protect-jobs-and-sever-rogue-websites-american-ma A quick google search comes up with a few other opinions and views on the matter...
  46. N

    What are some good websites that'll help me understand Complex Variables?

    The lectures haven't been difficult, but the book is hard for me to read. I usually understand math by working problems, but this course doesn't seem to work like that. I just don't know how to complete the exercises in the book. The book is "An Introduction to Complex Analysis and Geometry"...
  47. S

    Good websites for help in Algebra

    Are there any good websites that give examples and offer help in Abstract Algebra? I have an awful professor that doesn't use a book and gives bad notes. Needless to say, I'm struggling.
  48. B

    What is the issue with content farming websites?

    "Content farms" websites I came across this article: Google Seeks to Weaken Search Engine Ranking of "Content Farming" Websites What do you think of these "content farms"? Who, which sites will be included in the label of content farms? How will this affect bloggers like myself?
  49. M

    What are some helpful websites for understanding concepts in Calc II?

    Helpful Calc II websites?? Im not sure if this is the appropriate thread for this question so I apologize in advance if its not. I am taking a calc II class, but my professor has a horrible accent along with the complete inability to teach. My professor spends the entire lecture doing example...
  50. A

    Any alternative article websites for students/teens?

    Any alternative "article" websites for students/teens? Hi, I've been really interested in writing articles and discussing topics in general and special relativity (and also a bit of quantum physics). I've even written some of my own how ever i can't find any website or magazine that would...