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Homework Help: Weight/Satellite Above Earth's Surface

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    Satellite of mass 457 kg orbits at 8.44 x 10^6 m above earth.

    What is weight of 62.3kg man in satellite?

    Acceleration due to gravity created by Earth at distance of satellite = GMe / r^2 = 1.82m/s^2 ...this is RIGHT.

    So to get weight of astronaut I multiplied 1.82 by 62.3 = 113N...but this is WRONG...can someone please advise why?
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    No doubt that would be his weight if he were held stationary above the Earth at the given altitude, with no angular motion. But he is in orbit, and thus free-fall. If he were to place a spring scale between himself and the downward facing "floor" of the satellite, what do you suppose it would read?
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    Just checking that you considered the difference between the distance above the earth [presumably the surface] and the Radius of the orbit - the distance to the centre of the Warth.

    You are then faced with whether you are after the actual weight, or the apparent weight.
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