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Weighted Importance in sampled data statistics

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    I was just wondering how exactly to appropriately modify the 1st and 2nd order stats when you want to weight a given sample more heavily. If [itex] \vec{X} [/itex] is my vector of N samples and I have a weight vector [itex] \vec{W} [/itex] of the same dimension, which ideally is measuring the reliability of each sample from 0 to 1. Could I calculate mean and variance using...

    \vec{Y}_i= \vec{X}_i\vec{W}_i

    \mu_{x-weighted} = E[\vec{Y}]

    \sigma_{x-weighted} = E[(\vec{Y}-E[\vec{Y}])^2]


    Let me know what you think. Thanks.

    EDIT: [itex] \LaTeX [/itex] mods...
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    The weighted mean is given by...

    [tex]\mu_w = \frac{\sum x_iw_i}{\sum w_i}[/tex]

    The weighted sample variance is...

    [tex]\sigma^2_w = \frac{\sum w_i(x_i - \mu_w)^2}{\sum w_i}[/tex]
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    Hey thanks!
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