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Well depth

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    what is actually the "well depth" or the "depth of the well" ?

    maybe it doesnt help that english is not my native language, but anyway, I cant find some reference

    I found the term to be used in context of describing the energy of the bonds

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    I can't way for sure without knowing the context, but a well is a hole in the ground from which you draw or pump water. But it could mean something else in another context.
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    Sounds like your are talking about the energy well that exist in a tiny region of space surrounded by regions of higher potential energy. A place that a particle gets stuck because it needs kenetic energy to escape. Which is suppose described a hole in the ground as well.
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    in Lenard-Jones potential ?
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    Pick up a book in quantum mechanics, it will explain everything much better than we can.
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    In a graph of energy versus position, there can be a region of space where the energy is lower than other nearby regions. Graphically, this looks like a hole in the ground and if you want to picture things classically you can think about an electron being a ball trapped in the hole (an electron in a bond, say) that needs some energy put into it to get it out of the hole (break the bond). The deeper the well, the stronger the bond.
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