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Whale 'Asks' For Help From Fishermen

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    My friend this morning told me about the whale that went up to a boat, and effectively asked for help to get some things off of it. I hadn't heard or seen the story, but upon googling: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...ng-plastic-bag-caught-mouth-north-Sydney.html

    So sad, but adorable; flapping its fin as perhaps a sign of thanks.
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    I've seen a couple of incidents like this lately. A bit dangerous to get in the water to help, but so far no injuries to humans helping to cut away stuff from whales (that I know of). I'd do it if I were on a dive boat and a whale came alongside with issues. :smile:
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    Very cool! :oldcool: :approve:
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    What ship was this? The S.S. Mister Magoo?? The H.M.S. Helen Keller??
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    I was diving in the BVis in '09 and we were just doing our safety stop before exiting . I was last in line (I always am, I'm a nut with my camera), when the team lead started banging on his tank to get our attention and pointed at a pod of three dolphins approaching,

    I was the closest. The dolphins circled our boat and then went to the bottom and stopped. I followed them down and, as I got within a few yards, one of them flipped upside-down and laid on its back (not an easy feat, with a dorsal fin), presenting its belly. There was no question at all that this - wild - dolphin was inviting me to rub its belly. I was beside myself with joy.

    Alas, not only was I out of air (exacerbated by my sudden hyperventilating), but my tank was by now too buoyant for me to compensate, so I could not get close enough. I had to head back to the boat. As I did so, the dolphins rose up and followed me, circling me round and round as I rose, not five feet away. Eventually they pealed off, and as I broke surface, I d**n near gulped a gallon of water whooping with joy.



    The rest of the adventure:
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