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What are all the currently known nosecone/ogive geometries?

  1. Jan 28, 2015 #1
    And how do I go about submitting a proposal of a new type of nosecone geometry I'm pretty sure has not been considered so far so that someone else may study it, test it, appraise it and write a paper on it?

    I just want someone more knowledgeable and smarter than myself (an complete layman in aerodynamics) to pick up the kernel of the idea and do some professional, in depth research to develop it to a state where it becomes employed technology.

    I just want a footnote mention somewhere if it all pans out. :)

    My nosecone geometry is NOT parabolic.

    And NOT ogive, secant, ogive, conical, hemispherical or elliptical, power series, Haack series, Von Kármán, Aerospike or any combination thereof.
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    Chances are still good it has been considered (multiple times) and discarded.
    You can find experts and send them a mail. Be aware of their view, however: experts often get various "ideas" from non-experts and most of them are completely worthless. Most ideas of experts are not good as well, but experts check their ideas (and know how to check them) before they share them.
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