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What are employers going to want to see?

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    When you go to apply for a job in the engineering field, what school documents is the employer likely to ask to see as far as transcripts and such go?

    The reason I ask is, I'm currently enrolled in a small public school in an EE program. The problem is, because I almost had a bio chem degree from another college before I dropped out, I have a ton of transfer credits, virtually all my gen ed credits are fulfilled. This is making it all but impossible to create what I feel is a challenging course load without taking a lot of extra classes that I don't need for my degree. I'm working about 30 hours a week during semesters, more out of boredom then need of money.

    So, are employers going to want to see my actual transcripts and look at what kind of course load I took semester to semester? Or are they just going to want to see my GPA?
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    Sometimes taking extra courses that you don't need for your degree is a good thing. For example, I'm taking 3 engineering classes next semester that I don't need to graduate. Having more experience in a certain area is never a bad thing.

    A good idea would be to ask a professor to do an independent study, and work on a project all semester. That will give you something to discuss with your employer.
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    A lot depends on what State you will be working in and what you will be doing. For example, New York requires a licensed engineer review and certify any building plans for facilities that will store and/or process hazardous waste.
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    I think you should take all the good courses you can, unless you need to work. On the one hand you're worried about not being challenged enough. On the other hand you're worried about doing more than you need to to graduate? If your goal is to be challenged, don't worry about whether you're doing more than the bare minimum.
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