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What are some typical engineering questions during an interview?

  1. Sep 22, 2009 #1
    I have an internship interview tomorrow with a company. I'm in construction engineering which is basically construction management. I've never had a real job interview before so i'm not sure what to expect, does anyone know some typical questions that may be asked? Ive done some research and read some questions, but would anyone have some input on this?
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    It depends on what kind of engineering you are doing?

    If you are a mechanical engineer then your study background will be such that you can converse and answer questions about mechanical engineering. However, this stuff is less important becuse they will know that you have studied mechanical engineering (if thats your background) and you should be proficient with the subject.

    They would propbably be more interested and focus on your approach to problem solving and your awareness of cost, quality, function, time, environment and risk when running a project. they will also want to see that you won't always go for the most expensive solution if it is not necessary, and conversely that you wont go for a cheap solution which might compromise product funstion (this is a very basic example).

    Engineering requires a constant second anture ability to be able to weigh up the pros and cons and impacts of decisions. You never do things just for the sake of it, you need to be able to demonstarte logical reasoning and evaluation of problems.

    During every engineering interview i have attended, i have been asked to describe how i have solved a complex problem and how i have managed it through to completion. When you describe how you solve a problem, they will normally want to see that you make desicions based upon sound evidence logical intuition, so that they can be shore that you wont waste their time and money. Project planning is also an area they will address.

    But to be honest interviews vary, but like i said it willl depend on the type of engineering job it is?
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    Sorry i have just re-read you post - Construction engineering, haha, i need glasses.

    In that case the same stilll applies.

    good luck
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    Interviewing for an internship may be different than interviewing for a permanent position. An intern isn't expected to produce work in the same way as even a new hire is. At least around here.

    If I were the interviewer, I would want to know how interested the candidate is in getting the position. An internship would be wasted on someone who isn't really interested in doing it. So, the more you know about the company you're interviewing, the better off you will appear. Know enough to ask a few good questions of the interviewer. I know that's hard, and I always hated it when I was asked "so... do *you* have any questions?"

    And, when they do ask you if you have any questions, please don't ask "when is quitting time" or "do I get time & a half for overtime..." Save questions like that for the human resources/personnel person, after you get the position
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    I found some references on this subject, please refer to everyone here: http://jobinterviewquestions.biz/construction-interview-questions/" [Broken]
    Best regards.
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    jim hardy

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    Just be rigorously honest. Since this is an intern position so they dont expect you to have the knowledge from a hundred years experience.

    A desire to learn and absence of pretense are best traits a young engineer can demonstrate.

    You'll do fine. Breathe deep and look them in the eye,
    But let them crack the jokes.

    Good luck!
    old jim
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