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Quantum What are the best books that cover quantum mechanics

  1. May 8, 2015 #1
    Hi what are the recommended quantum mechanics books for a high school leaver. Also what are the math skills I need to know(book suggestions would help). Please I need to understand QM. I'm just interested!!!
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    You had just graduated from highschool?
    Usually undergrad QM lecturer uses Griffith's Quantum Mechanics, which I did use in my undergrad time. The way he conveys his idea is not too formal making it suitable for beginner. The early problem QM beginners would most likely encounter is solving Schrödinger equation, a partial differential equation, for simple cases. Therefore a knowledge of solving basic partial differential equation is very recommended. Knowledge of some special functions will also be very helpful. At a certain point, you will also be 'forced' to study linear algebra when you begin to touch the ket notation.
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    I'm not sure about Griffith. I've no looked into it very closely, but from many discussions in these forums involving this book, I've the impression, it's sometimes confusing to students. I guess, it's not suited for someone just leaving high-school, as are most of university-level textbooks. Real quantum theory you start in the 4th semester (the earliest, at least in Germany, after you have a good foundation from analytical mechanics and classical E&M).

    What I like pretty much and what might be a good start is

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