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Homework Help: What are the factors which affect the travel of sound through

  1. Jul 26, 2007 #1
    What are the factors which affect the travel of sound through different mediums? You does sound travel faster through a solid than a gas, is it because of the greater density of the solid, or because of the stiffness of the solid? Does sound travel faster in humid air, or dry air?

    many thanks
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    Sound travels faster through density materials if it originated in that material. This is because sound is a series of compressions in the molecules of a gas or solid.
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    In solids the speed of sound depends on the stiffness, it's proportional to the sqrt( young's modulus) in gases it is proportional to root( temperature).

    Humidity has a small effect on the speed of sound in a gas - humid is very slightly faster.
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    okay thank you for the replies
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