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What are the good math or physics grad schools Texas

  1. Aug 24, 2014 #1
    I'm going to be applying to graduate programs this semester and would like to know which schools are good for a phd program.

    I need to get into a phd program because it was the original goal that i set out to get.

    I graduated with a double major in math and physics.

    Thank you.
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    Which do you want to do? math or physics? what specific research topics interest you?
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    Thanks for replying.

    Well that's honestly the hardest part about my future. I got my BS degree in both fields and both of them are tugging at me from opposite ends.

    I like math because I can CLEARLY see what's going on and have some deep level of understanding. However physics is science and I like science.

    In my degree it was fun to do both because when math got a little dull physics spiced it up. I'm not asking for you to make my decision, but I did enjoy both.

    I really liked topology in math and advanced cal was fun. For physics I really liked the Quantum class I took.

    I'm actually thinking of applying to some math programs and then some physics programs. Just to see who accepts me. I have my GRE Subject scores. If you want them I'll try and find them and post them.
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    The best grad schools for physics in Texas are the same as the best grad schools in Texas. I would pick UT-Austin, A&M, and Rice.
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    Thank you. Rice and the University of Houston are close by and I plan on setting up an appointment to talk about enrolling as well as enrolling itself!
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