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What are the jets from a feeding blackhole made of?

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    Hi all, The traditional image of a "feeding" blackhole has jets spewing from either pole of the axis of rotation. I know that these jets are accellerated to almost the speed of c, but I have been unable to determine if these jets are of mater / particles or energy. Could you tell me which (mater or energy) the jet are made of?

    Thanking you in anticipation.


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    electromagnetic radiation, and therefore they do travel at the speed c, since visible light is a form of electromagnetic radiation
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    Thanks FOIWATER. But why is it described as "accelerated" to the speed of light - doesn't that imply that at a point in time after leaving the blackhole it was travelling at less than c. And if so, how does EM radiation travel at less than c?


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    Jets are made of highly ionized gas.

    One other thing is that jets are even more of a mystery than black holes.
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    Thanks twofish.


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