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Naked Ring Singularities and Jets from AGNs

  1. Jan 24, 2009 #1
    At first, I dont see any value in the cosmic censorship hypotesis. If ring singularity (RS) is directly observable (interesting how it looks like. Any simulations?) inside the second horizon, why outside we should be afraid to look at that beast?

    So I started to thing about RS and Jets.

    0. I dont know of there are any decent theories of jet formation, but I see a big problem there: any jet formation process must happen outside the horizon. In order for matter to be heated to extreme temperatures it must be as close as possible to the singularity. But when it is so close, it is difficult to emit anything: light become too redshifted, for the matter it is even more difficult to escape, finally time dilation slows down the friction

    What is more important, this process is less efficient for the supermassive black holes where there are almost no tidal forces outside. They are big, so matter is not dense outside the horizon.

    On the contrary, we see jets from the AGN - from the supermassive black holes and I dont know about the huge jets from stellar balck holes!

    1. That is why I started to think about naked RS. For the extreem BH with naked RS the jet formation is almost obvious: matter fall to the ring and hits infinitely. When heated, it expands in all directions, and is repelled by the ring as it repels matter from the poles!

    So Naked RS can convert not 35% (dont remember exact number for that limit) of invariant mass into energy of a jet, but may be much more.

    2. Can jet carry away a momentum from a BH? I doubt it. The jet itself can not spin, otherwise it wont be so callimated on long distances as we see it in galaxies. Individual particles can carry momentum with their spin, but I doubt it is possible that the extremely heated jet can remain so accurately polarized.

    3. So matter falls into BH, but then some part of it (0.35<x<1.0) is emitted in a form of a jet. But the moment is accumulated! So the BH becomes more and more exteme!

    4. If jet formation is possible for slowly rotating BH with a horizon, then #2 and #3 are still applicable, so the singularity might become naked.

    5. Where should I get my Nobel Prize? :)
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    Hm, I found something

    Also, how the cosmic censorship hypotesis can stand if we:
    1 Take 2 extreme black holes
    2 Collide them. THe result is also an extreme black hole (if they rotate in the same direction)
    3 But now lets say that before they merge these 2 black holes also rotate around each other!
    4 Definitely their J/M becomes super-extreme and singularity becomes naked!
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