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What are the Oansasat Imktti studied M.Sc. in Biochemistry

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    what are the available fields for a M.Sc. in Biochemistry?
    please help in subject as list
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    Oansasat Imktti? What?
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    sorry that my mistake
    i have ready fish my study in biochemistry but i don't know what Disciplines or areas
    can i study in (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
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    I assume that English is not your first language. You want to know what fields are included within biochemistry? Quite a lot. Do you have a specific interest? Perhaps it would be easier for us to tell you if your interest area is something you can do in a biochemistry program.
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    sorry about my language
    thank for you hard word
    i am no need Research to used it or stealing or bead idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think i have too many flag without a goal that what i want tell in my ask
    all i need better study for better live
    Hard work for better future
    all i want to know simple idea about M.Sc. what i can do to have it
    I would not be my word not reflected on my bad intentions.

    1-chemical changes of the brain
    2-DNA and RNA way we can deal with it and Introduction to cell
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