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What are the prerequisites to studying quantum mechanics?

  1. Jan 5, 2014 #1
    Hi. I'm currently in high school, and ever since my physics teacher brought up quantum mechanics, I've been highly intrigued by it. I understand (at least I think I do!) the general basics of it, like schrodinger's cat, wave function collapse and quantum entanglement, but I don't understand the harder concepts. Any ideas on where I should start, both in mathematics and physics? I can do calculus up to calc 2 and conceptually understand some parts of real/complex analysis and linear algebra, and for physics I think I understand classical mechanics and the basic concepts of general relativity, but other than that, I'm lost.

    (Yes, I'm a bit of nerd if you hadn't already noticed. lol).

    EDIT: I just realized I should have posted this in the qm section. My bad.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    Students do not normally specialize in QM until their second year at University.

    The more practiced you are at using math as a language the better though.

    At senior HS level, you will need Physics, and Calculus as a minimum.
    You should also take Statistics and Algebra courses.
    Don't sweat it though - you only need to be "grounded" in these subjects, you don't have to be a wizz.

    Beware of pop-sciencey sources or anyone who wants to show how QM is weird and counter-intuitive: they tend to try too hard to emphasize the "woo-wee" factor at the expense of the science.
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