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Courses What are the risks of taking a math course in the summer?

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    I hear from advisors that it's better to take less rigorous classes in the summer because the course tends to go quite fast. I'm planning on taking Pre-Calculus in the summer so I can take Calculus in the regular school year next year. What are the risks? Any feedback or advice from those who've already taken Pre-Calculus... particularly in the summer? I have a friend that took Pre-Calculus in the summer but got a D in it. He passed the Calculus entrance exam though and went straight to Calculus his next year, despite his failing grade.
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    Well the biggest risk would be that your teacher decides not to cover some material he thinks is not that important but later on you find out you can't do some problem since you didn't learn it in Pre-Calc.

    You can do it though, the biggest draw back is that during the fall/spring you usually get a day or 2 +weekends between classes so you can go over problems and talk to professors. But over the summer since most classes are every day you have to go study, if you don't get something be ready by the next day talk to your professor.

    Bad thing is sometimes you might learn new material on say thursday but you have a test that will cover the new material friday >.>.

    Even though it does go by faster, I think taking some classes over the summer can be good (with the right professor) because you can devote more time to that material, instead of splitting your time between all the classes+extracurricular activities you might be doing.
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    Pre-calc and trig are great math courses to take during the summer. They're not as heavy as algebra or calc so the summer session is a perfect length for them. I took trig in the first 5.5 week session and pre-cal in the second and had no issues whatsoever. The course load felt like a normal semester or ~3-4 hours of study a day. I doubt I'd have the cajones to take calc I-III or DifEQ in a 5.5 week course though.
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    I'd say take the summer course.
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