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What are your favorite websites for science news, videos, and podcasts?

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    The thread title pretty much says it all. In most cases, the thread starter would post some of their favorites to get the thread started, but I don't know of any. And that's why I've come to you for some recommendations. So, post em up! :smile:
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    I use this place, duh!
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    I was going to say, this forum.
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    Of course! But I can't record you and put you on my iPod and listen to you in my car. Unless I use some text-to-speech program, but I can only bare Stephen Hawking for a few moments before I'm wishing I was reading instead.
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    I find it hard to believe there's no other place but here that you guys get your info!
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    nature has some free stuff for viewing.
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    How about magazines like Scientific American or Discover.
    They're great for keeping up to date and finding links to interesting new studies. And their websites have a whole bunch of links to podcasts, blogs, books, etc. etc.
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    Two good science-related podcasts are Radio Lab and Science Friday. Radio Lab is a great program that, while it doesn't really delve into science too deeply, presents a lot of good stories on science-related issues. Science Friday is also fairly light on delving deeply into science, but presents some good reporting on interesting science news. If you really want a podcast focused on hard science, many of the publishers of scientific journals have podcasts, including Science, Nature, and Cell (Cell also has nice audio media covering featured papers in the journal).
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