What can a minor in astronomy get you?

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I am a mechanical engineering student but my passion has always been astrophysics, astronomy, and cosmology (I literally get butterflies when I learn about it). I chose not to get a degree in it because I was concerned about future job security as it is an extremely competitive field. My school offers a minor in astronomy and I am considering applying for that.

I was wondering what the minor could get me. Would it allow me to apply for graduate astrophysics programs? I am planning on going to medical school once I graduate (I was in a pre-medical program but transferred out as it was very underdeveloped) but if it was possible for me to get into a astrophysics program I would seriously consider that route.

Even if the minor would not really "get" me anything I would still try to earn it for personally satisfaction/growth.

I would really appreciate any further advice you guys could give me. I am so confused...

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Probably nothing. You won't be prepared for grad school in astrophysics unless you have two semester upper division sequences in electromagnetism, statistical mechanics, and quantum mechanics.

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