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Math What can I do with a BS in Math? MS?

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    When I introduce myself to people, their first question is usually, "What's your major?" I say to them, "Mathematics". Their usual response is, "Are you going to teach?" I usually get a disgusted look on my face (mostly from the thought of dealing with the 13 - 18 demo). But, I don't know what to tell them. I just like math and that's what I'm good at. But what kind of work can I get with a BS in Math or an MS?
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    You could get a Ph.d.?
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    maybe a job with the government doing statistics
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    With a BS in math... well, like with any major, it depends on your extracurricular skills, transferable skils, and how good you are at convincing people they should give you money.

    If you have no skills, and you don't know how to fool other people into thinking you do, why should you deserve a job?
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    In the research center where I work, a woman in my dept. has a BS in math. She analyzes the data recorded from experiments, draws conclusions and writes reports.
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    You may find a very good job in case if you know how to schmooze around and pay lip service. These things are collectively known as "networking." Alternatively, you may sign up to work in McDonalds. Currently I am rehearsing my "do you want french fries with that?" By the way, I have M.A. in biology.
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    I previously would have said actuary. One of the highest paid jobs around. However, they do work mostly in insurance, which has tanked. Also, anecdotally, it seems like more college math students are going into it, which may cause competition to rise. To be a fully qualified actuary, you have to pass a number of very difficult exams. You can get a job with one or two (or probably three or four nowadays).

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