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Homework Help: What can I make that will {improve/help/ease, etc.} your daily life

  1. Oct 10, 2014 #1
    So have you ever felt a moment where you felt like, I wished there was something like that invented/prototyped. Or have an idea that you wished to be enacted or built. Simple or Crazy, post them. I would extremely appreciate it. (I actually need it for design engineering). I got a few ideas, but they're either already invented or too specific.

    I'm thinking of things like static remover, removing static cling on shirts from hair and lints. Or instant door look, i.e. not having to insert key to lock. Battery tester and battery life predictor. "Better" alarm.

    Any idea is a great idea, feel free to post them, and I'll try to make them, and of course give credit to the visionary/inventor.
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    Take a look at your ideas again and see if you could improve on the existing inventions that becomes a new invention in and of itself if it's novel enough.

    Just remember that gluing two things together doesn't count, it has to be beyond what someone skilled in the art could do. These are the basic requirements of an invention.

    An example, gluing a compass to a flashlight as survival gear isn't an invention as its too obvious.

    Another example, everyone needs to exercise, look at all the various exercise machines now available. Many are solutions for the same problem but are wildly different from one another enough to be novel and beyond someone skilled in the art.

    The basic question is to ask yourself is what does my invention teach the world?

    Someone invents a wheel, and someone adds spikes for better gripping and someone else makes it out of rubber for a more cushioned ride and someone makes it puncture proof....
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    As jedishrfu is implying, we prefer that you do the bulk of your own schoolwork. It's good that you have posted some of your ideas so far. Please post a few more ideas from your brainstorming, and we can comment on the practicality of the ideas. It's fun and valuable to get experience brainstorming. My first patent came from an idea that I had after months of brainstorming (I had the key idea in the jacuzzi at my apartment complex early in the morning...). :)
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    Another avenue of thought is to look at the difficulties that handicapped people face and see if you can improve it. Recently I witnessed first hand the effects of Parkinson's on a person trying to use an iPad we gave them as a gift. The shaky hand really messed up things. The keyboard keys were too small to hit.

    There were other issues as well with eyesight where we needed larger fonts but not all apps allow for larger fonts or magnified screens. In the end, we had to return as it just wasn't workable. I felt really bad that I couldn't think of some way to make it work.

    Parkinson's people also have weakened voices so even siri wasn't helpful.
  6. Oct 11, 2014 #5
    Here's my brainstorm list...
    safer bike, quicker more efficient kitchen for busy people, pen writer, auto gardening bot, autolace, skateboard/ bike balance teaches kids, music teaching instruments, improving the umbrella/raincoat, marketable detectors for CO, gas leak, fire etc. , lawnmower bot, sweep/vacuum bot marketable

    The problem is the goal is to pitch something in less than a week. It's also quite a high-level work, not just 'schoolwork.'
  7. Oct 11, 2014 #6
    Thanks! I'll definitely think about that.
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