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What can you do with a major in chemistry?

  1. May 9, 2012 #1
    Hello, I'm currently a high school student in grade 12 and I was wondering what one could do after majoring in chemistry. I am very interested in it, as well as math, physics, and bio. I want to know what kind of jobs chemistry majors can get and how common some of the jobs are (for example, I've heard that many chemistry majors go into pharmaceutics and it has a high employment rate).

    Also, what kind of work environments are common? Is it typical to stay at a lab for long hours to synthesize chemicals (stereotype?)?

    All help will be appreciated.
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    I’ll give you one possible answer. I’m sure that other people working in other fields could also give you other answers.

    I’m a mechanical design engineer, so that is what I’m familiar with.

    My coworkers with a background in chemistry have specialized in materials. That is metallurgy, synthetics, and composites used for structures. Some specialize in lubricants, which is a science all in and of itself. One lady was a very good chemist in our chem lab, but then she applied for a job opening as a mechanical design engineer. She turned out to be good at that, too.

    I’ve also worked with Certified Safety Professionals. Some deal with the effects of chemicals on the body and how to protect the workers, others are more focused on environmental issues.
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